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Thursday, December 21
Bowling Green, KY is not an exciting town, but the hotel has free Internet, so that's something. That and there's a Culver's down the street if that counts for anything. It's probably the closest one to my home at about 300 miles away. Still not going there to eat, I will be surrounded by Chicken Butter soon enough.

You know, for a while there, I was almost posting regularly again. You might have noticed I even managed to turn on my archives again. Of course, this led to a few hours perusing old posts and realizing what a dork I am. It also led to Farish telling me what a dork I am, which was awesome. Especially since I can't deny it.

I think the reason I've refrained from posting is I have always wanted to transform my blogging into something more meaningful, commentary on actual news event and such. I am opposed by two things: one being that even fewer people care about what I think about the news than care about the inane things I write as it is. At least this way I might entertain my friends. The other is that I just can't get angry about anything long enough to care to post about it when I get home. I suppose I could stop spending half my working hours reading the paper so I could do it at home and then post about it. On the other hand, I could shut up, too.

I am amazed that anyone gives a shit about political bloggers. I mean, I understand the wonkish thing of wanting to chronicle and comment on political ticky tack, but what I don't understand is why anyone else cares what they think. All the ones I've ever seen fall into two categories (most alternate between both): hypocritically-biased commentary that spouts unapologetically biased views and then criticizes all other views as invalid because they're biased or a mindless crusade against the "mainstream media" for their innumerable flaws and no recognition of any valauable contribtution they might make. Actually, each is a manifestation of the other.
Excuse me for falling alseep listening to them.

Oh, and anyone who thinks they ought to be heard but uses the construction 'the media is' needs to lose a finger every time they use it. 'Media' is a PLURAL noun you fuckwits. It's like listening to GW say 'the Democrat Party'. I'm well aware it's deliberate in each case, but it just makes you sound stupid.

OK, I need to get off that train.

I just used 'fuckwit' which - along with 'asshat' - is getting stale. I need new derogatory curses. I have found myself muttering 'douchebag' under my breath at other drivers regularly for cripes sake. If I am reaching back that far my swearing has really hit a wall. I am hoping a few weeks in OshKoshistan will rejuvinate my swearing.

The one thing I have been trying to keep on this blog is the running list of the books I've been reading. I have been going through a lot more books lately. I had been on a book a month or two pace for about a year, I've read four each of the last two or three months. I blame Farish (she assigns a lot of reading), and a lot of time on airplanes. Regardless, I have read some very very good books lately. Not a dud in the bunch. I am kind of sad to see some go off the recent list so fast. Maybe I'll take it up to the last 10. That said, I think I need a used book store run.