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Tuesday, October 24
So, did you miss me?

In two days I am going to leave work early and get on a plane bound for Wisconsin. I have not been up in about three months which actually sounds like a lot less than it feels.

I'm fairly sure that by not posting I am only encouraging people to not visit and so a vicious cycle begins of less people reading and less reason to keep posting.
On the other hand, I think I am doing well in my quest to be the most boring human being alive. I don't think anyone, not even Mr. Shaft, could stand to constantly follow a story on this level of utter unexcitement, so why bother?

In reality, these has probably been the most exciting month I've had since I moved to Atlanta. During this span I have all but broken up with Farish and then more or less mended that fence. Yes, I will bring a picture of her with me this weekend. No, I am still not sure how "serious business" this whole thing is. She has shit going on in her life that I am planning to wait out, I'll try to keep you more or less appraised as the situation develops.

Even more exciting than that (which was exciting only in the context of the fact that I have not dated anyone seriously in almost four years) is that not long after my last post, I was contacted by a woman claiming to be my birth mother. As far as I can tell, she either gave birth to me, or is such a good fake that I might as well play along. Since we know an eerie number of people who are adopted, I know this story deserves special play.
I was not prepared at all to hear from her, but I think I have handled it quite well. To be honest, I always said I had absolutely no interest in ever meeting her or knowing anything about her. But, having recently read "The Girls Who Went Away", my mind had changed a bit on the subject. I don't want to get into that subject again (I posted about it here a few months ago), but it certainlygot me to think a lot on the subject of giving up a child for adoption.

So, as part of my trip, I am planning to meet her on Friday. Her name is Jane, she lives in Madison and I have a half-brother (who I am not meeting). I think that's more than enough information for today. If you see me this weekend (and if you don't that's your own damn fault), I'll tell you all about it.

Lastly, there's Abraxis' cermonies on Saturday. I'm excited, Sheboygan weddings are a special experience.

After that, I'm planning on driving home for Christmas and sticking around until just past the New Year. I have to skip Thanksgiving because I will be overseas for the work. No, I am not kidding. When you are eating your turkey I will be asleep in a fancy Hong Kong hotel with a flight for Chicago leaving in the morning. This kind of makes me wish I could be in Istanbul for Thanksgiving, that sounds like a bad pun to make every year for the rest of your life. Alas, I don't get to work with anyone in that part of the world any longer.

OK, I'm sure over the last 6 weeks or so I had more interesting vitriol to spew, but this feels like more than enough.

If you want to learn what rural Georgia is like, just realize the second-biggest sacrifice I am making to come home for this weekend's events (after missing Lewis Black at the theater right down the street from my office) is that I am missing my chance to go to Judgement Journey with Farish this weekend.
Money can't buy shit this crazy, I tell you.