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Sunday, April 30
Goddamn, that was a long flight.

Originally, I did not notice, but my flight was not direct, it required a two hour stop in Germany. So, since I blogged last from my desk in Atlanta, I have also been to New York, Frankfurt and now Singapore. All in less than 36 hours.

I guess at least I got out of the plane after 9 hours for a bit before re-boarding for another 12. My boss was superpissed. I think she's going to kill the corporate travel agent when we get back.

That said, nothing's really going on. I mean, I've been on the ground here for maybe 2 hours. It's humid as all get out. Can't wait for the temperature to hit 95 this afternoon.

One last thing:



Saturday, April 29
Quick dispatch from Atlanta before I fly out.

I have been without cable or Internet access all week, which explains why I have not made certain appearances lately. Word is, all will be right when I return from Hong Kong in two weeks. I am crossing my fingers.

This afternoon I am flying out for New York, which will be followed almost immediately by a 21 hour flight to Singapore.
No, I cannot imagine me sitting still for 21 hours, either.

I am reminded of Lewis Black's description of what it's like to fly 19 hours to New Zealand. . . sit in a chair and press your fists against your temples for 19 hours. When you're done you won't be in New Zealand, but you won't feel like you're fucking home, either.

Anyway, I hope all are well. I hope certain Bad Guys have fun in Vegas, let me know how it goes. I will try to dispatch from points East, with my luck lately, who knows.

Saturday, April 15
In other news. . .

I went to Stone Mountain yesterday with my boss and another manager from our department. It was a gorgeous day (~85 degrees and sunny), and the park is very nice. Since it was a Friday, the park was relatively empty, which made it easy to enjoy. Now I am tired, walking up a mountain is hard work, even if it's not all that steep.

I forgot to mention that for the first time in my life, I won money in a NCAA tournament pool a few weeks ago. I have entered those since I was about 15 years old. This year, I finished second out of about 35 people. The reason this was so: there were so many upsets that no one had more than one Final Four team, so it was a crapshoot. I'll take the $50, though.

I am seriously considering starting the MBA program at Emory University. It's a great program and probably would make it easy for me to get a higher paying job either in my field, or doing something else should I tire of sweatshop business. The only question is, do I want to add 30 hours a week of school to my 55 hour workweek? Well, that and do I want to borrow $70,000 from the gub'mint. I suppose they're borrowing against my future now, I might as well get as much as I can. I'd prefer it if my school money would come directly from the Scial Security accounts of rich Republicans.

Monday, April 10
OK OK. I'm not dead or anything.

Actually, I just liked seeing a big list of songs atop my blog each day when I load it up to check through my daily news readings.

Since I wrote to you last, I have had a few major things happen:

1. I bought a car, a new Corolla to replace the one destroyed in the great moron pileup of '06.

2. Velveteen came to visit me, which was really cool. We went to a Senators game and then she told me how to rearrange my room. I'm still working on finishing the job.

3. My parents came to visit. We went out to eat a lot.

4. I went to an art festival and bought 2 new pieces of art for my room. They're just prints, but I like them and I could actually afford them.

5. I am planning a work trip to Asia in a little over two weeks. And by plan, I mean my boss is telling me what we're doing and I am saying' sounds great' a lot. I will be going to Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok and Manila this time. All in 14 days, of which about 2 will be spent entirely in planes.

So as you can see I am a busy guy, unless you do the math and realize that isn't that much to happen in over two months.

I'd like to regale you with my sharp opinions on matters of the day, but I only get upset about such things during the work day. By the evening I could just care less.