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Tuesday, January 31
Quick followup to yesterday's events. I'm a little sore, but there are no serious lingering effects so far.

You may know that when someone is in a car accident, there appears a host of people to tell you that when you wake up the next day yoiu will be in terible pain. A concept I could understand intellectually, but didn't wholeheartedly believe. Not because it doesn't happen to some people, but because I'm quite sure it depends on a lot more than just having been in a serious accident. So I woke up this morning feeling a little stiff and a little sore, but considerably better than the previous night.

Tonight I realized that though I am not really worked up about the accident, I was a little stressed physically (if not mentally as well). So tonight I took a bath and read from my book after having a nice dinner at a pretty nice Thai restaurant.

I do feel more relaxed, but I came to the conclusion that reading a book detailing the rise of religious fundamentalist movements in Christianity, Judaism and Islam (see the current book listing at your left) does not exactly make for a soothed state of mind.

Monday, January 30
I've been boring, so sue me. It's not like you want to read about 'I went to work and then I came home' every day.

So, today I had drama, I'm putting it out here so I don't have to tell the story fifty more times.

So today I was in a multi-car pileup on the Interstate, at least eight cars involved. The Corolla, I fear, has breathed her last. The story of her fateful, final journey:

As you may know, I don't like driving in the heavy traffic of the morning Atlanta rush hour, so I try to go to work real early when it's much lighter. This morning I left the house at 6:35, took the roundabout way to I-20, since my on-ramp is under construction and goes real slow.

I got on 20, traffic was real light, when I got to the Downtown Connector (Interstates 75 and 85), it got a little heavier than I expect to see at 6:50am, even on a Monday. I was annoyed most of the way, because I was behind someone who felt you need to be 15-20 lengths behind the next car when you're in super congestion going at 20mph on an Interstate.

Eventually, the way cleared and as I closed in on the Tenth/Fourteenth exit to Williams Street (yes, that Williams Street), I made my way over to the new lane that pops up a few hundred yards before the exit. I got into the lane and closed in on the exit. As I was going, I noticed a few cars pulled over on the shoulder (it turned out the result of an earlier fender bender).
When I looked ahead, I noticed the cars ahead of me were stopped. Fortunately, it was way way ahead of me, so I braked a little harder than I wanted, but stopped just fine. It was abnormal for traffic there to be stopped, even at rush hour peak I've never seen traffic backed off at that exit before, but on a commuter highway, you have to expect that traffic might be stopped, it's part of life.

Unless you're the guy behind me. I had possibly been stopped for one or two whole seconds when I heard the screech of brakes being slammed at highway speed. Then I heard the crash and the sound of shattering glass. I got thrown forward, and by 'I' I mean my whole car. A second or two after that I was hit a second time on my drivers side and pushed over into the concrete barrier on my right. There were several more sounds of collisions, horns and squealing breaks.

I realized I was ok, but a little shook up, I'd had my seatbelt on (always smart!). My airbag didn't even deploy. I reached into my pocket and turned on my cellphone, no signal. I looked up and realized I was perpendicular to the lane, so I put the car into reverse and tried to move, no dice. I turned the engine off, and wondered how the window had come open. I tried to close it, but the motor just made a grinding noise. Then, I noticed my hand was bleeding from a small cut on the outside of my palm.

Looking down, I realized the window had shattered all over me. I tried to get out of the car, but my door wouldn't move. For a second, I thought about getting out Dukes style, but quickly realized how stupid that would be. I crawled over to the passenger side and got out that way.

It was then that I saw how damaged my little girl was. The entire trunk was crushed into the body of the car, the rear windshield shattered, my drivers side partially caved in, drivers window shattered, drivers side mirror sheared off and my front bumper cracked in several places. The interior was filled with glass. Bits of my car were strewn twenty or thirty yards ahead. As I stood around waiting for the authorities, I saw bits of foam from inside of what had once been the rear bumper as much as a hundred yards ahead.

So I grabbed my messenger bag, removed the most valuable items from the car (GPS, sunglasses, CDs, my work fob, which had flown under a floor mat) and stood around trying to make a call. I almost broke down laughing when I noticed a single Mento sitting on the floor amid tiny bits of shattered glass. The box had been stuck in a cupholder.

I made calls, talked a little bit to the cops, watched them clean up and move the cars away. I chatted with the other guys that were not hurt. A few people were taken away by ambulance. From what they told me, the cars were stopped for no reason, just stopped in the lane ahead of me. They drove off after the huge accident behind them occured.

I got pissed because they towed my car and didn't take me with. So the officer drove me to the building where I work. I went up, washed the blood off my hand, told the story to a few people, and proceeded to spend the morning on the phone making arrangements. I have a gold Hyundai rental from Enterprise. I am thinking about what kind of car to buy, assuming there's no issues with insurance.

So, that's my day. Tomorrow will probably be a little nicer.

Monday, January 16
No, I am not dead. I am just not blogging. Mostly because I don't have my home Internet connection figured out yet, though I think I am close. And until that is working, posts will be few and far between. It's not something that occurs to me when I am at work (though I am now, natch), and it takes too long for me to consider using my roommates' computer.

No, nothing new fancy or exciting is going on, so stop asking. I'd totally tell you if there were. Really.