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Thursday, May 27
I don't feel entertaining right now, so you'll have to deal.

My second day of life as 43% of a vegetarian consisted of a portabella mushroom sandwich, bizarre restaurant-made potato chips and a lovely stir-fry made mostly with mai fun, mushrooms and carrots. I don't feel like boring you with a recipe, but it was good.
So, now I need to pick a day between tomorrow and Monday to be the third and final day of the week with no meat. I'm leaning toward Saturday as that will probably include a trip to the Dane County Farmers Market which is about as low-hanging as fruit gets for avoiding meat. I hope to go to the new-ish Japanese establishment in Appleton for dinner, which means I could get away with eating nothing but fish and rice without incident.

I went to the new Brooklyn's yesterday for lunch. I'd write a review here, but I'm saving it for the soon-to-be World's Greatest restaurant review website focused on Northeast Wisconsin: Deep-Fried Soup.
I can't do it now because it's late. Maybe tomorrow.

In thirty minutes or so, wish Miss Velveteen a happy birthday for me. I'll be in bed at the time. Maybe I'll say something nice to her at work tomorrow.

Monday, May 24
Blogger was not working for me yesterday, now the half post I wrote yesterday has re-appeared.

Well, here's the rest of my thoughts:

Prom was good, but I am an old, old man and I can't stand loud noises. Next time I hope we schedule on a day without a techno show in the other hall. I'm just saying.

I've been taking a break from watching hockey, what with the Sens losing and all the extra work thanks to getting promoted but the Finals start tomorrow night, and I will be watching. I finished the Gilmore Girls Season One yesterday, so it's back to Metroid Prime for my entertainment needs.

After hanging with BJ3K a little this weeked, I have decided to make good on my previously-secret promise to myself to eat better - sometimes.

What does that mean to you and why do I mention our pal in corn country? Because I am going to partially cut out meat from my diet - to the tune of three days a week. Since bacon is my reason for living, I cannot bear to cut out meat entirely, but my eating habits are pretty bad and I'm going to try to reform them a bit.

I started tonight by eating baked eggplant with garlic, rice and cheese for dinner. In my world, fish, eggs and dairy products are not meat, so I'm good on the tuna salad sandwich and Kraft Dinner I had for lunch. With any luck, this will encourage me to try more new things in the kitchen. We'll see how I hold up.

Tomorrow is definitely a meat day, since I'm making venison stew to eat during Game 1. Go Lightning!

Sunday, May 23
So, Prom was fun. Let's do it again in six or eight months. For now, my back and neck are sore. I danced a lot more than someone of my skills should, sometimes even with ladies.
You could at least pretend not to be surprised.

I have a very clean house as well, so this was a truly useful weekend, except for the part where you're supposed to be resting up in between workweeks. I got that part all kerfuckelt.

Thursday, May 20
OK, hate to bother you again, but read this. Notice what you're not reading.

And for god's sake, sign up for a stupid membership, it's not like it costs anything.

My mind is focused mostly on Prom, but also, babies. You might know my boss is just five weeks away from having one, as are two other women in my department. Not that they'll see it, but some people who know what I'm talking about will, but congrtualtions go out to the clan Tappa, who have grown by one today.

So, Prom.
I am currently trying the miracle of Dryel on the pants I plan on wearing. I hope this isn't one of those really bad decisions people in sitcoms often make.

Other than that, I have lots of cleaning and lots of mixing to do. I suppose I should get on it, right after I listen to the end of the Flyers-Lightning game.

Monday, May 17
One of my very important missions is complete, namely the playlist for Prom: 94 songs, 6 hours and 24 minutes, all in a meticulously chosen order intended to maximize dancinoids in a group of people - a task that I fully expect to be augmented by a large quantity of alcohol as the evening progresses.
I found what I am wearing that night, thanks to Ms. Velveteen and Mrs. Jones, who found me a lovely setup, I'm sure you're quite excited.

In case you were still holding on to any doubts about whether or not I am pretty girly, I bought the Gilmore Girls Complete Season 1 DVD set Saturday night. I am now 6 episodes in.

Now, I am sleepy. We have vendors from Asia visiting at work, I never know what to say to them because they're never anyone I work with.

Oh, and I got my first piece of fan mail today. At this rate I'll get my 15th piece on my death bed.

Saturday, May 15
It looks like Blogger isn't working well right now. Phooey.

I woke up relatively sick today, which is no good considering that it appears to be quite lovely out. Now that it's about five, I feel well enough to leave the house. Isn't that special?

Nothing has made me angry enough to complain about it to you, so don't worry today. Just enjoy the weather.

Thursday, May 13

I futzed with the new Blogger recently. I even flirted with changing my template, but decided against it for the time being. Having accessible archives would be nice, but having all y'all commeting on my posts would similarly suck.

Prom is coming, I know I've been saying that. Now I'm actually working on finishing the playlist. It's coming along better than I thought, though.

First volleyball game was last night. There's still sand in my bathtub, and my right shoulder has nearly come apart at the seams. Other than that, it was wet. And, fun.

I wish that I had something witty to say about work, but I don't. The cleaning crew somehow used a carpet cleaning device to make all the carpets look considerably worse than usual, I'm not sure how that happened.

I relaize I see news that interests me and I'd like to talk about it, but I read the news early in the morning, but I usually blog at night, I don't see myself remedying that anytime soon, so you get disjointed ramblings instead of pointed ramblings. I hope you can handle it.

Monday, May 10
Lookee, a whole new blogger thingee.
You'll be proud to know that this is my 742nd post to this blog alone. That's a lot, even if I have been at this for well over three years now.

So, I guess I needed to relax this weekend, since I mostly slept rather than got anything done. I guess I was working hard last week.

I bought Metroid Prime, since Target had it for just $18, that's pretty hard to pass up for a game that looked pretty good to me at $50. I like it mostly, but the controls take an awful lot of getting used to.
I rented the Rundown on Sunday, which was pretty good, too. I guess I was on an entertainment roll this weekend.

In the realm of news, there's been an awful lot of negative things published about my employer lately, and it's frustrating me because the things written are so darned stupid and I can't do anything about it. The real problem is the stuff is just moronic, while the really stupid things they do fly completely under the radar. I guess that's to be expected.

Anyway. I have, you may or may not know, about four things I really look for in the news, Southeast Asia, cooking, science, or anything Wisconsin. Sometimes, you get them all (or close to it) in one. The Journal-Sentinel has been doing a ton of great stories on Wisconsin's place in the world economy, focusing on our state's work to increase exports to China, for almost a year now.

And, while I'm being newsy (acutally I could do a ton more but I'm trying to chat with two people and play Minesweeper Flags as well as post right now) but this column by William Raspberry just took everything I'd tell John Kerry and put it in one easy-to-use container. Please, in the hope that this country can be saved from Bush's stupidity, I hope he reads it and takes it seriously.

I have more things to say, but now is apparently not the time.

So, smell you, um, later.

Saturday, May 8
Ok, so I'm not particularly motivated to post anything in particular. But since I use this page as a sort of portal for all my websurfing, I feel compelled to get the all caps shouting off the top of the page.

Work has apparently been tougher than I thought, I am feeling exhausted and it's not even 10. All I did today was play some video games, eat and shop for Mothers Day.
I had made a list of things to accomplish for this weekend, but I doubt I'll get much done that isn't sleep.

Wednesday, May 5

Sorry. I just wanted to share my revelation from earlier this morning with you. I just realized I have a lot of Prom work to do. We now return to our regular blog programming.

So, after work was telephone time. I talked to the saleswoman at the magazine for 45 minutes or so and then to one of my ex-es for another 45 minutes. I know it sounds terrible, but I enjoyed it. It's nice to talk about your life - every once in a while at least - to people that you don't see two to twenty times a week. It's, like, variety.

Speaking of the magazine, I wrote something inin the issue that just came out. I don't want you to read it, it's not really interesting at all, though it's slightly ironic that my own employer has eschewed the advice I put in it, resulting in major, major technical problems at work that were, to put it mildly, preventable. It's important to note that this is the second time in less than a year that our workplace was compromised by a threat for which the security fix had been published weeks earlier. I'm sure glad they get paid big IT bucks when they didn't do stuff I could have told them we're 'no-duh.'

Anyway. Today was the day for denigrating other departments, which is fun because they are all useless boobs and my team rules. I uncovered secret evidence (using ninja powers about which I am not at liberty to speak) that I am a member of the 'A-Team' at work, and I plan on getting as big a head about it as possible.

Major life developments: I took my bike in to be repaired so that I can resume last summer's regular bike riding. Also, I settled with one of my student loans, just two more to go.

Monday, May 3
Man, I am in a daze of work and cleaning.

So it's time for me to comment on the world as I see it:

Fuck 'em all.

Ok, now that I have that off my chest. . .

As I have gotten older, I have started to wonder what exactly it is that makes people old and no fun anymore. I used to think there was some sort of bitterness that grows as you realize the odds fo becoming a ho-jillionaire or a movie star or president or just some guy with a totally hot wife and a great job were pretty much nil. Of course, I have been as bitter as a truck-stop waitress since I was 12 and I never considered myself to be especially like an old person.
Then, I figured it was that at some point, you're brain got tired of liking new stuff because it was full and content, so you fell into a boring rut of crabbing about how the music and the movies are crap and they don't make 'em like they used to and goddamn it I pissed myself again. But then I realized that I have liked about one new band in the last 8 years and I have always crabbed about the shit they play on MTV, which is getting worse each year more because they don't play any music anymore unless it's drivel not because there aren't people out there making good new music that I am just too damn lazy to find. So, I don't think that's quite it, either, but I think it's closer.

Really, what I think is that you are truly old and boring is when you have fallen victim to lifestyle intertia. When you'd rather get stabbed in the eye than do something different because, by god, you've been getting stabbed in the eye every weekend since Ought-Two and why should you change?
Just like those old people that need to eat at Denny's every Tuesday because they always have and change would blow their Alzheimer-ridden minds, like the people that throw fits at stores when they can't find the same blue pair of slippers they've been buying for practically their whole lives and they like them and so what if they company went out of business, by god you owe it to them to continue to live their routine until long past the time a merciful God would have taken them to the hereafter.

So kids, don't be a like that. Try doing something different every once in a while, it's good for you.

Sunday, May 2
It appears to be nice outside. Is it some sort of tease? If I actually go outside will I feel the warmth of the sun or be suddenly frozen into a human ice statue?

Anyway. I have spent another weekend cleaning. If I keep this up, I might have a presentable home by the end of the month, just in time for Summer.

We went on an office-supply shopping trip yesterday, but I somehow exercised restraint by not buying anything. There are just so many pens out there . . .

We were going to print the invitations for the Prom last night at work using the paper we bought on our trip. But, the miracle of missing fonts was our downfall. I went home and sent the thing as a TIF and a PDF to myself, but the PDF was missing a font, because Adobe's free PDF converter doesn't have Adobe fonts, apparently. We couldn't use the TIF because they took the e-mail server down at work while I was at home sending the document to work. So, when we got there, nothing.
Never fear, it will probably get done today.

I still have some stuff to do, so smell ya later, chump-os.