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Saturday, January 31
I remembered at least one thing I wanted to talk about, wait, two!

The first thing is that I wish I could say 'I told you so' on something, but I can't, because I never write about this subject, but should have. What am I talking about? Viruses and worms, my friends.
You see, every time there was the latest Internet security threat, they were always, always accompanied by the stupid, stupid reminder that a major sign of a virus/worm-laden message was sloppy grammar, spelling or just plain bizarre language. Well, anyone with two brain cells to rub together should have been able to see that and know that they were setting everyone up for the first time someone put together a virus and sent it out with a goddamn message that spelled things right and made some sort of official-looking sense.
Sure enough, now we've got MyDoom out there. It's like all the tech writers and virus companies were setting the world up for this stupidity. It's the oldest trick in the book, lull your opponent to sleep by looking dumb, and then whack them. And look, now 10% of all e-mail is this goddamn virus.
Way to go, smacktards!

The next thing is something that has bothered me for maybe a year or two, just because I haven't seen it talked about in the media frenzy over the 'jobless recovery' and the movement of tech jobs overseas, and its the failure of 'gloabalization', the Internet and the digital age to improve the employment status of people in the midwest. It seemed to me that this speeding up of our ability to communicate and travel inexpensively and quickly, that the premium on wages, consumer prices and real estate in major population centers would induce companies whose primary function was the bottom line, would scarf up land and factories in places like Iowa, Minnesota, the Dakotas and, yes, even Wisconsin. They'd move offices here, because they don't need to be closer to other companies anymore. Even the cost of shipping has fallen while its speed and reliability are up.

Remember that Internet company commercial (was it IBM, I don't remember) where the guy drives his boss out in the middle of nowhere and they jump up and down because land there is $0.03 per squre foot and thanks the INTARWEB they can do business from there much cheaper than in the city where it was like $3 per square foot?
Well, that whole economy is still sitting right here, all over the place. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of unemployed and underemployed folks who came out of the best public school systems in the country who can live well on considerably lower wages than you have to pay for someone to make it in New York or any other large city.
Instead, you've got companies moving out, spending more for land, more for wages, more for benefits and more in taxes all so their employees have to send their kids to private school and get stuck in traffic all the time.

I know that it's because as much as Republicans want to tell you different, it's because rich people that run big companies aren't really smarter than anyone. In fact, they're actually full-on dumber. They have a nasty habit of following their dicks around (I hate to be chauvanist and crass, but its the truth). CEOs have a hard on for being in the big city. They think paying more is getting more, for rent, for real estate. I don't doubt that's true for some businesses, but I know full-well that for others, it's a compensation thing, like buying the fancy sportscar or chasing skirts, they think having an office in Manhattan makes people think they have big wangs. Running an office here for half the cost and no change in output just doesn't get them off.

I have seen it in the very company I work for, they think spending hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars extra on a New York office is somehow better for the bottom line than just doing it here with the same people (note: this is ancient history, not new news). Why? Well, it's obviously better to be there, right? I mean, it's more expensive!

Ugh, it makes me ill that we let these people companies.

Now, I'd like to rant more, but it's freezing in my apartment, as the heat is not working.

Thursday, January 29
I had some things I wanted to say, but now I'm just sitting here with a blank look on my face, having totally forgotten whatever it is I wanted to talk about.

There is good news on the horizon regarding work, and I can't wait. Certain things will still make my blood boil, like the fact that I don't get to go to Las Vegas while the chick who will fill in for someone on maternity leave in our department does get to go.
But, for the most part, the anger has generally cooled.

So, if I can't talk work or politics, might as well talk food. I think I will make some lasanga this weekend, details are available, for those that know where to find them.

Monday, January 26
Good evening.

You may have noticed some snow, unless of course you live in one of those god-forsaken places that never get snow, or in Australia where it's more likely to snow in July than January.

Work is still maddening, in the political sense. It's been sort of slow otherwise. I did get what passes for respect from our director today when I had to fill in for my boss at a meeting and actually contributed things, which was nice. Also in this same day I was chided for not trying to leave my department, if for no other reason that to see if my own department tries to keep me.
I am not one for political experiments, however, so unless something unexpected happens, I'm not shaking things up just yet.

If you're interested in my eating habits, and I know you are, it seems pork is the golden child of my kitchen lately. I hardly ever buy beef now, but I have been going through a lot of pork lately, mostly chops and tenderloins. And it has nothing to do with mad cow, since this pre-dates the US scare, it's just that beef is too expensive to eat all the time, and pork pretty good and much less expensive. Now if only lamb would fall in price, I'd be set.

I don't share interesting news articles often enough, so I'll keep the trend going (harkening back to Thursday and the helium-3 article) and mention one I saw in the Post today. It's a story on telemarketers, which I read and thought was really great. I only care for human interest stories when they're really well done, and I think this one is. I noticed it because for three terrible days in 1995 I was a telemarketer, trying to raise money for some liberal political action group. I quit because it was the most draining, least rewarding work I have ever done. Telemarketing sucks out your soul, and this story reminded me of that. Now I'm convinced the companies that telemarket are really run by vampires.

I finished Halo (for the PC) today. Now I can conclusively say that it is the most overrated video game of all time, since I played it on Xbox, MP on the Xbox, the whole single-player game on PC and played online on the PC. The game is bland and derivitive. I can't believe anyone ever heaped praise on it, much less considered it a killer-app.

Sunday, January 25
Look, mom, I'm using a new computer!

Well, it's mostly new. I'm still using an old hard drive, floppy disk, CD-RW and DVD-ROM, but it's a start. A public thanks to Mr. Jones for putting it together.

So that and watching the Sens dismantle the Rangers (welcome to New York, Jaromir) was my Saturday.

Now I plan to putz around with it and play some games all day.

Thursday, January 22
In case you were wondering, it takes about three-and-a-half hours to make 60 eggrolls.

Now, I have to hope that by warming them in the oven and leaving them in the Nesco for most of the morning, they retain at least a modicum of crunch.
I also made some sweet and spicy Chinese mustard to go with them, the sweet-and-sour sauce will come from a bottle, sorry.

There was a news story I was supposed to mention a few days ago that is just now occuring to me to talk about.
When I was in high school Chem 2, my pal Bhavin and I did a presentation on helium-3 (mined from the moon) as a viable future energy source. If I brought it up to anyone now, I think they'd say I was crazy, but now I can blab about it without fear, as my presitigious alma mater is working on making it all come true.

The new motherboard arrived today, can't work on it until the weekend, though.
It's not real late, but I have to get up early to get the oven going, so it's bedtime.

Wednesday, January 21
In just thirty days this blog will be three years old.
And then just 17 more years until it has a golden birthday!

V-O helped me with the website I was working on. Sometimes, I can be a dumbass, and I knew I just needed someone to come over and point out just how dumb, in this case.
I forget that some servers explode if you use capital letters when you name things, and now I have been reminded.
In any case, I still think it's a stupid rule.

So, that project is complete, only three weeks late, thanks in small part to the delayed release of my new computer and an extraordinarily long time spent on edits between myself and the client. But it was mostly me, really.

I hope I get the new motherboard soon, because there's a project I'd like to do for work which will entail some serious design time and I think it would be much more fun to work on it with a PC that's, say, three times faster than this old pal of mine, which, coincidentally, is also just about three years old. I built it just a few weeks before starting the blog.

Tomorrow night I am going to make egg rolls. I have never made them before, which I typically think of as a recipe for disaster. I should wuss out and just make a whole ton of sushi-nori, which is better for you and has the added benefit of being something I know I can do.
Now I've signed up to make an inhuman amount of a foreign food with which I have only minimal experience.

Oh, and happy Chinese New Year to all y'all. Welcome to the Year of the Monkey!!! Monkeys!! I think I'll go play some Monkey Ball right now to celebrate.

Tuesday, January 20
I've been sleeping a lot lately.
Not tonight, though. I'm staying up until a healthy midnight or so at least.

the web site I've been working on for a friend is totally kerfuckelt. I'm hoping a.Lo can help me with it tomorrow or something.

Office politics are annoying the daylights out of me right now. I'd go on, but it's not really my place, to talk about certain things.
I know you're reading that last sentence with a skeptical eye, but its true (at least this time).
Maybe things will be better once I bring in a ton of egg rolls for Chinese New Year on Friday (though the holiday starts Thursday).

In case anyone was wondering, my motherboard is finally back in the hands of the merchant, who knows when I'll get the replacement here. Let's hope for Friday.

Monday, January 19
I am sleepy, despite the fact that it's before 10 PM.

I just wanted to let you know that I went bowling Saturday night and I bowled a 153. That's pretty good for a city slicker.

Thursday, January 15
I don't think I am all that busy a person, but this week seems to have offered little in the way of spare time.
I suppose the hockey does take up a significant portion of time.

Tonight is baking night, as the best boss in the world has a birthday Saturday, so I'm making muffins, lots of them.

Work has been stressful, but not so busy I need to put any overtime in. I suppose I'll be doing that soon enough. I guess I could work some overtime, but I have so many things that need to get done right away that it's tough to stay for a bunch of niggling little tasks.

I also always have things that make me want to get all political around here, but an evening of watching hockey and baking muffins always takes the edge off. Maybe I'll start reading the news right before bed, so the anger's all fresh in my mind.

Monday, January 12
Sunday was up and down.
Down, you can probably guess why.

But the up was pretty good, too.

The hockey game was really a lot of fun. I had never seen an NHL game in person before, and it was a much, much better experience watching it in the arena. I have heard people say that the NHL's problem is that people haven't seen the game in person, and that if they did, they'd be hooked. Now I can see why, the game is so much easier to follow in person, and you get a better sense of what's going on.
Of course, it helps that there were 9 goals scored in the game (Colorado won, 5-4 in OT), but I would love to go again. On the other hand, NHL tickets are prohibitively expensive.

In other news, I am sleepy, we got back late and I didn't get to sleep much.

Saturday, January 10
It's been a busy week, with various sports to watch on the television this week and one to see in person on Sunday. I feel; as if I'm becoming a couch potato of some kind.

I just got a big urge to make a pork roast, so if anyone wants to come over for dinner, they should give me a call on the telephone or check out the planning site.

We had a great HB party for AKADK (stealing from Shaft now) last night, lots of funny stories shared. I think I had too much SoCo to remember any of them, though.

I think I'm going to get cleaned up and watch some football today, in addition to catching up on some tasks around the house I've been lazy about this month.

Monday, January 5
Sorry to be absent lately, thought it's not as if anyone else has been posting, really.
I've been stymied lately by some PC problems of the 'step three: goddamn, why doesn't it work' variety. I have had a ton of help from V-O, but in the end we're just blaming Asus and moving on.

So, I'm back on the old computer for a while. Lately I've mostly been working on the PC. When I'm not I'm out collecting Shines on Isle Delfino. I must say I thought Super Mario Sunshine was going to be a disappointment, but it's been far, far better than I feared after playing it for a few minutes when it first came out.

In other news, there isn't much. A little jingoism: Woo U.S.! Suck it, Canada! (This is in reference to today's 4-3 win in the Hockey World Junior Champoinships gold medal game). Also, I'm going to my first-ever NHL game this weekend. I get to see the Avs destroy the Blackhawks Sunday, which could, sadly, conflict with the Packers-Eagles playoff game. I'm hoping the Pack are blowing em out by halftime so I don't have to worry, but I'm not betting on it.

Thursday, January 1
Happy New Year!

No resolutions for me, I don't believe in it.
I am resolved, however, to build a new computer today as soon as Mr. Jones comes to visit.

A great party last night! (thanks for the ride Pyro)

I'd like to make RoTK, but I think new computer business will keep me out.