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Wednesday, October 29
Okay, back to the regular posting.

Firsrt of all, I have come to the conclusion that commercials are actually best thought of as a method of adverse selection.
Since most commercials are terrible, why not just decide never to buy the shit that gets advertised with moronic commercials that insult you on a regular basis. For me, this means I will never buy a GM car, eat at McDonalds, Chili's, or Taco Bell, and I might never be able to have a cellular phone because their commercials are so overwhelmingly bad as an industry.

So, work. I'm back to slightly bored again.
In order to do something about it, I played the 'looking for another job' card. Of course, the job I was looking at is within the company, so it's not all that dangerous a threat. And, it's not the job I want, exactly, so it wasn't much of one either. But it did get my boss and I talking more seriously about my position and the future, etc. Now we'll see what, if anything, comes out of it. I'd use a more detailed manner, but since I started this post, I had people over for dinner, carved pumpkins and went to the bar. Now I'm very tired and I'd rather be in bed than gossiping about work.
The end.

Monday, October 27
What a lovely surprise, to come home and find the Internet turned back on. I must have been a very good boy today.

I was going to tell you all sorts of interesting stories about work, but it's late, so there.

Well, I have the phone back. Now I just have to wait for the Internet to return.

I would have more to say, but I'm imposing on the Joneses right now.

Sunday, October 26
Don't think I'm lazy. Or - worse - that I don't have anything to say.
Do think that I don't have Internet at home right now and it's driving me crazy. Then there's the side effect of minimal opportunity to blog. So, if you feel slighted by me not contacting anyone, just wait until the electronic communications are once again available at my house. Then things will get back to normal.

So, since last we met I've been working and eating, mostly. I was joined by some friends for a lovely dinner of beef stroganov and tasty pies (courtesy of Velveteen) last night. I've said it again and again, but I really love making the fancier meals. I basically spent my entire Saturday between cooking and cleaning (with a little napping in the middle), but it's not at all like work, it's really enjoyable.

For those of you that are wondering, Imoan did not come down to join everyone for dinner. I encouraged her not to come because I'm not feeling very serious about continuing to see her. We'll see how it all pans out, and I'm sort of sorry that I haven't been more forthcoming about the whole thing. On the other hand, I think as long as I was unsure, it made sense to keep it on the QT.

So, money's tight, which is why I currently have no phone and no Internet. I'm thinking rather seriously about selling my car and/or finding a part-time job. I've looked at the latter several times, but never seen any good opportunities. The former is a tough, tough call because I love my car and I know in the long-run it's a good investment. But, the car payment plus insurance is as much as my rent payment, and I need a place to live more than I need a fancy car. I'm going to consider the financial implications, since the blue book value of the car is slightly less than I owe and the black difference is about $3k.
In the meantime, if you or anyone you know is in the market for a 1 year old Corolla, I might have a good deal for them . . .

Okay, enough negative news.
The Sens are playing pretty great hockey so far this season, lets just hope it lasts. Following up on the contract they signed Marty Havlat to last week, I'm happy to see financial sanity start to creep into the NHL. Several teams around the league are starting to discover that they actually can refuse to pay crazy money to any player that can skate and shoot. The problem is the people that own teams and don't care if they pay a reasonable wage or not. The Rangers, Flyers, Red Wings, Blues, Capitals and Maple Leafs and their insane payrolls are largely responsible for the mess. Not that it's much different than any other leagues, but the fact that the NHL simply isn't bringing in big bucks to afford paying stars these kinds of money does make a big difference.

Anyway, since most of you don't care about hockey, I'll mention something that has been on my mind lately that I could rant about. Speeding on the highway. Now, I personally think speed limits are much lower than they ought to be, not by nearly as much as many people. For arguments sake, lets say I think every speed limit should be 7mph higher than they are now. You see, the problem on highways isn't speed (accidents in cities are a different animal), it's that people follow way too fucking closely.
Every time I see hear about how speed was 'a factor' in an accident, I know they mean that the person was probably a half carlength behind the car in front of them and therefore totally unable to do anything to avert a crash once an accident started.
The fact is, every time I drive on a state or Interstate highway, almost no one follows at even half the safe distance. Instead, you've got 10 to 20 feet between cars. Heck, if you leave 20 feet between your bumper and the car in front of you, that's enough room for someone else to move in between you from the other lane. If you leave three or more carlengths between cars, everyone else thinks you must been driving too slowly. No matter that you're pacing that car that's 40 whole feet ahead so that if they do something crazy or stupid you might be able to get out of the way. Most drivers on the road would rather drive bumper to bumper than be in a position to avoid an accident.
The idea of giving speeding tickets when a cop could pull over 90% of drivers and cite them for following too closely - which I contend causes far more accidents than simple speeding - makes my head explode. And all this without me getting a speeding ticket. Huh.

As long as I'm writing a short book today, let me give you a tip on how to fuck with people on the road. If you're driving on a traffic-moving road that has periodic stop lights that are far enough apart that you get some good speed (think a county highway or maybe Jackson Street for example), if you're next to or in front of someone who is annoying or impatient you play with them by doing the following:
Next time you hit a red light, when it turns green delay your reaction by just a little bit (like a half second)
Then accelerate on the quick side, like you're in a hurry right up until the speed limit.
Then, level off right at the speed limit to one or two miles over the speed limit.
Then, probably just as they start to get frustrated that you're not the speed demon they thought you would be and attempt to go around, start accelerating slowly up to 7-10 mph over the limit so that they're stuck next to you, probably behind a slow person in the other lane.
I hate impatient people, this is my little revenge.
What I really need is a good one for the people that sit behind you less than a carlength because you're going 72mh instead of 74mph and they think driving up your tailpipe will make you go faster. Other than suddenly tapping my brakes, or setting the cruise control to whoever is in the lane next to me, I don't know what an appropriate punishment would be.

Suffice to say, Plinko most certainly hates you.

Wednesday, October 22
Wooh, more hockey!
I was ready to write a big diatribe about the way health care costs and the related price of health insurance is the single major factor in the economic troubles of this country. The problem with writing this is twofold. For one thing, I am always tired and lazy by the time I sit down to blog. For another, my views on the subject are fairly offensive, I imagine. Since most of you probably could care less to hear me spout off about a somewhat esoteric subject, I'll refrain today.

Monday, October 20
Having rich friends means getting to sit and watch 3 NHL games on tv because there wasn't much to do at home.

Speaking of being rich, looks like some of us will be considerably less rich in the upcoming year thanks to the new stabbing taking place regarding health insurance premiums at work.
I am seriously thinking of dropping my insurance again, as a hundred dollars a month is a lot of money to one Mr. Plinko.

It's nursing home hot in this house, which means I'm going to have trouble sleeping again. Go me.

Saturday, October 18
I love visiting the Dane County Farmers Market. I only wish I was always planning even more dinners, because I always want to buy all the nice things, but I know I'll never use most of them, so I don't. The one thing I really wanted was some oyster mushrooms, but the one guy that was selling them only had a little bit that were really, really picked over, so it will be button mushrooms from the grocery store when I make the stroganov.

I am very happy to report that Dottie Dumpling's Dowry is open again in a totally new locartion. The burgers are still super, super good and the bathrooms are pretty fancy. I'd call that a pretty good day and its only 6 pm!

There's a Sens game on at 9:30 tonight, my rich, rich friends with the satellite . . . I'm probably cancelling on Imoan since I don't feel like leaving town to go bar-hopping with her tonight.

I saw Intolerable Cruelty last night. It was pretty good, though kind of like a Coen Bros. movie lite. I am still giggling over several things, but I was never really all that into the movie itself.

One thing of note is that at the Regal Theatre has little marquees outside each theatre, displaying the movie's title, only it doesn't really display many letters. So, I was thinking another great band name, to add to Racoon Messiah and such is Intolerable Crue. We all know how much a.Lo likes the work 'crue'.
Also, across the way the move playing was titled House of the DEA, which apparently is a horror movie aimed at gun accumulatin' cults.

Thursday, October 16
Phil's word of the day,. in case he forgot: sneaky virgin college.

Weird occurence of the month: a frantic 9pm phone call from Shu-Ling as she desperately searches for how to cook squash. That was all she wanted.

Phil and Steph came over for lovely poor farmer food. And they didn't even complain. They are troopers, those two.

I should have mentioned yesterday how nice it was to see Tycho agree with me so thoroughly on the subject of how much The Butlerian Jihad royally sucked.
Of course, I followed it up by reading the latest American Empire novel, and I'm sorry to say that it's nearly as bad.
I used to enjoy the American Empire series, but this latest installment is a real stinker, I think he's writing it in the hopes of it being turned into some sort of third-rate ABC miniseries.

I did watch Unforgiven last night, thanks Pyro. I wanted to write a long essay about my thoughts on the film, but as I doubt you have any interest in what I think the whole thing means, I refrained and will continue to do so.

During my trip to the Piggly Wiggly, I goit a very strong urge to start reviewing grocery stores. I just need a big-money backer to support all the food I'd have to buy and we're set. Just a hint: the Piggly Wiggly on Bowen and Murdock would not score well.

Wednesday, October 15
Ugh, I've been tired the last few days. I think I nearly fell asleep at work this afternoon even.

So, I sorta signed up to do more at work. Things have just been too boring lately. I won't go on and on about the nature of our department or business, I think we talk about work more than enough.
We'll see if I regret the move or not, mostly if I've signed up for helping out one of the people that see it as their job to be a bitch will lead to regret. Ugh, what have I done??

Tuesday, October 14
Mmmmm . . . boiling pork calves.
There's still time, for the brave among you! I might not eat these until Thursday or Friday even . . .

Monday, October 13
Watched Finding Nemo today, good film.

Tomorrow is 6 months since I started my new job, I suppose it's not so new anymore. In fact, it's getting a little broing sometimes, maybe I'll have to start looking for a new one . . .

It's not like I've ever kept one for much longer than a year, might as well get started looking now.

But seriously, I'm still crabby about the stupid game yesterday. Ugh, talk about a way to ruin the whole week.

Fortunately, the Senators did sign Marty Havlat, after the 'deadline' had passed even. Turns out, though, that our friends in Ontario don't play a single game all season on television we can watch.
So, I've got $40 and several free nights this year. I'm just saying.

Sunday, October 12
What a lovely weekend of football, nice weather, both Oshkosh high schools win, Badgers beat the national champions in a night game. But more important that all three of those is whether or not the Packers win today, something about which we'll find out shortly.

The start of the NHL season makes me think I need to get down to the Y and try skating again, I haven't been on the ice since April or so, and I'm sure it's back in by now.

I'm thinking of making a cd or two for Halloween at the bar, since the P was so much more enjoyable on birthday bash nite when we played the Prom cds. I could use some suggestions, though, I don't exactly have a pile of appropriately-themed songs at my beck and call.

I bought some pork hocks at the grocery store yesterday, affirming my desire to eat like a poor farmer sometimes. I've already got one brave soul to sign up to eat with me, anyone else up? If that isn't enticing enough, I can promise there'll be boiled cabbage!

Thursday, October 9
So, why don't we go to Cy's Asian Bistro more often?
Really, someone explain it to me, because it seems just wrong to me.

I'm really sleepy, so I'm going to record for posterity that I made some rerally kickass oatmeal raisin cookies last night and I need to make a giant breakfast tomorrow night.
That's all for now.

Monday, October 6

So, work has started getting very busy again. I'm sure you're very excited. It should be nice to have a lot to do once again.

As for news, there isn't much since yesterday, I'll endeavor to be more interesting tomorrow, I suppose, unless you want a long lecture on the application of ring-snaps. In that case I could probably entertain you for a good hour or so, since that's my major headache of the last week or so.

Okay, to make up for it, here's an essay (written by someone else) on why Trading Spaces is losing it. There, that could get your blood up.

Or not.

Sunday, October 5
I realized today that the downturn in angry blogs about current events opn the site roughly corresponds with my lack of television reception. I don't watch much television, and what television I do watch is generally viewed in the homes of others.
That means I usually cool off long before I next sit down at the computer and type away.

I am quite certain I have seen several things on tv or in newspapers lately that gave me the proverbial redass, but I can't even remember them now. So, instead, you get a short briefing on events since I last typed at you.

Friday dinner was really, really good. I am fairly certain the credit for the quality of the meal is owed to the sugar snap pea. I do love them.

As a consequence of Friday night dinner, I am short a couch now. Or, more accurately, I am short the legs of one couch. Not sure how I'm going to rectify that. Certainly not with any professional bowling winnings.

Friday, October 3
In my rush to get home after volleyball, I neglected to remind people that Friday dinner is back on for tonight. Now I understand that the Joneses might be busy what with the relatives and all, but the rest of you might prefer to eat what I'm cooking rather than going out.
I'm making Japanese-style sweet pork chops and snap peas, there'll be plenty of rice and whatever suits my fancy for dessert. Not a bad deal for $5, I'd say. I hear tell of bowling next door afterwards, though you can never tell when they'll actually be open over there. I think they just open whenever someone feels like standing at the counter.
Sorry I can't do dinner tomorrow, which would be better for most, I'm sure, but it's Imoan's birthday, so I'll be unavailable.

Now I'm already well past late for work, so you'll have to go on without any ravings from me. My book is much too good for me to get angry about much. You should read it yourself next time you're looking for a book. Unless you're Em, in which case there's a smite too much shootin' for your tastes.