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Sunday, June 1
With four more hours of work in today, I have 11.5 hours of overtime for the week, which makes debt-ridden folks like me quite happy. If only every week were so generous! It's a good thing I have the overtime, since I bought new shoes and a couple old video games this weekend.

Anyway. I am still slowly returning my PC to its traditional state. I have but a few bugs to chase (and I guess I still haven't installed a game) before I can call the mission a success. The oddest problem I've had so far is that I can't burn audio cds properly now. Instead of the music I wanted, I get a live recording of a Marcel Marceau concert. It puts all the tracks on, at the right lengths even, only all the tracks play pure silence for the same length of time I had expected to hear actual rock and/or roll. That sucks, since one of my more favorite pasttimes is making comp cds, and I may be out of luck for a while on that front.

Another favorite hobby of mine is cooking, and now my house smells strongly of garlic. And it's garlic in a good way, not in a FedEx truck packed with garlic oil overturned in my kitchen sort of way. Because that way would totally suck. So, now you can be jealous of my big overtime dollars and new shoes and garlic-smelling kitchen.

If I wanted to be all angry and rant about something, it would be the enormity of the mens shirts at the Burlington Coat Factory. Now, I am not a big guy, it's true. I wear a medium and sometimes even a small. but the smalls and mediums there appeared to be crafted for small and/or medium sized ogres. Apparently 'short-sleeves' means past my elbows. Furthermore, the latest fashion must be to wear shirts as if they were a dress, since medium shirt -untucked- would have gone fully past my knees.

Since my lease expires in a month, I have decided to sort of look for a new apartment. By 'looking' I mean 'looked at the place above Hydie's.' I would totally rent it, too, except for the fact that someone else already did. But, it just so happens that another person moved out of Hydie's building today and thus, I might be able to get in on that action, anyway.
I am upbeat about this building because not only does Hydie like it, but also it is a full $55 per month cheaper than my current apartment while being approximately 40% bigger. It has gas appliances, a dishwasher and garbage disposal. Now, that's the lap of luxury to me.
With a place that big, I might consider looking out for a new roommate. I mean, $55 cheaper is nice, but it's way less than the half the rent and utilities that little Zebby pays me now. Of course, I stand to lose that sooner or later anyway, what with school getting out and all.
So, if any of you know a deaf-mute who works second shift sixty or more hours a week who happens to be fastidiously clean and fears entering the kitchen, let me know, because they would make a perfect roommate for me. Failing that, I plan to become a live-in cook/houseservant/nanny with the first rich family that will take me in.