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Monday, June 2
Since the last time we talked not much has happened. Another night of baking cookies, another day of work.

Next week I get to start work at 9 instead of 8, which really hardly seems like a bonus. I was totally hoping for noon at the earliest. I guess normally I'd be all by myself for a week while everyone else gets to travel and that would be even more boring than being by myself for most of the day, I guess.

I think my grace period for being the new and dumb one has finally come to a close. People expect me to know things and that makes my job just a little bit tougher, in no small part because I always like to communicate face-to-face with my co-workers. I almost never call people and I rarely e-mail people that work in my building.
Yes, Plinko the geek is really an iconoclast. I would rather walk up two flights of steps and back to ask one question than pick up the phone or type it out in an e-mail. In some ways it seems like an incredible waste of time, since I walk up to third floor anywhere from three to seven times a day to solve various mysteries that crop up when you do the kind of work I do, which is act as a go-between for two groups of people that don't really ever talk to each other.
Now, I know that it might be less work to compose a quick e-mail for every question. It's also less intrusive for the person from whom I need the answers, as they can answer at their convenience and don't have to drop what they're doing to help me. Those are both pretty strong points and pretty much explains why most people in my office, like in thousands of other offices around the world, e-mail people working in the same building, sometimes even in the same area.
To counterbalance the arguments for less interaction, I posit the following arguments in favor of taking the time and effort to communicate face-to-face as often as is feasible. The most-obvious is the timeliness of answers, you almost always get one right away. The faster people answer, the faster you're out of their hair. That means I don't have to sit around making busy work while I wait for an urgent issue to be resolved. When you use e-mail, who knows when you'll get an answer? I've seen other people's inboxes and many of them have fifty or a hundred unread messages at any given moment, and I am certainly not so vain as to believe that my issues are top priority, my issues might not even be seen until the next day, much less get answered when I need them. So this has a double benefit, as I'm clogging up neither mine nor anyone else's inbox. A side benefit from this is that it keeps me more organized, as I don't have every little issue to organize in my e-mail.
But the most important benefit is that I get a good answer every time. You see, when I ask my question, if there's any confusion about what I'm looking for, I can clear it up right away. The same holds true of the answers I get from others, if it doesn't make sense to me or seems wrong, I can say so right away. More often than not, I resolve issues in a matter of minutes what might end up being a trail of seven or eight e-mails over a period of days, as I don't have to ask, get a reply asking for clarification, then send the reply, wait for an answer, then ask for confirmation and wait for that. It seems like a big waste of time to me, and I learn more, as I get things shown to me as often as I have them told to me. I feel I have a better understanding of what goes on upstairs, of what kind of pressures and needs they have in their jobs, which leads to me asking better (or maybe even fewer) questions in the long run.
Now, I'm sure that you are now thoroughly indoctrinated to my philosophy of business communication. But I'm not so sure about everyone else at work just yet, which is why I occasionally bring bribes with me in the form of cookies. You see, they might see me as an annoyance, but occasionally making them cookies should at least blunt that attitude until I convert them fully to my way of thinking. That and maybe someday sopme cute girl will be impressed that I bring treats and ask me out on a date or something.
Okay, so that last part is totally unlikely and possibly creepy. It's not like there are many cute single girls at work that I hadn't already asked out before I started working there, so my options are decidedly limited.

Well kids, Plinko's business lessons are over for today. Be sure to drop by sometimes next week when our lesson will be on the relationship between socks and job performance!