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Wednesday, May 28
Well, it took much longer than expected, but I think I've cleaned out the major problems with my PC. Of course, in the process I lost a lot of little bits of information and things, some of which I might not notice for months. I did lose the 1200 or so e-mail messages and my address book, so feel free to e-mail me and say hello so I have your contact information again. I also will have to slowly reinstall the software for my DVD drive and CD burner and all my useful software, meaning I won't be able to use my PC for much besides surfing until I devote some serious time to software.
I missed volleyball tonight, not because of the computer but because I actually had work to do well after hours. I won't mind if it continues, because I not only need the money, but it's really a great way to keep kids like me off the streets where I might get mixed up with drugs or gangs or collectible card games and the like.

Other than that I have nothing fancy or interesting for you tonight. Maybe tomorrow, if you're lucky!

Tuesday, May 27
Why are long weekends always so darned short? I was just starting to really get the hang of not working when all of a sudden I had to go back again.

So, besides a happy birthday for my cubemate tomorrow, the biggest news on my front is the slow demise of my old, reliable PC. I've been getting an awful lot of blue-screens lately, so it's time to make a last-ditch effort to save her before buying a new one. I really, really want to wait until August or September to replace the big 3 in this one, and I hope I can baby it along until this one gets retired to jukebox/entertainment center status at the end of the summer.

That means no GameCube purchase for me for the near future, I'll need to save every ducat in case I need to build a whole new machine soon. But, in happier news, the wonderful Joneses dug the old Dreamcast out of the garage and now my evenings can be filled with happy Sega fun. We just need one more controller and then we can enjoy Sonic Shuffle, Chu Chu Rocket and Crazy Taxi mayhem whensoever we choose.

Monday, May 26
Since I have nothing better to do, I guess it's time to make with the exposition.
Well, exposition sorta implies that there be some sort of story that unfolds, but it sounds so much more sophisticated than 'rambling.'

Molly's on a Sunday night is apparently some sort of reunion of acquaintances from my past. You know, the sort of people you were sorta near a lot at one time or another but didn't have much in common with or that you never really liked all that much. Sure, there was a person or two I was excited to see, but my general reaction was either 'please pretend to not notice me!' or 'yeah, I have nothing to say to you, really.' Even though the music was fairly fun (well, for a dance place at least) I had to leave after a while. And not because they made me, either.

I watched 28 Days Later this afternoon. It was pure 'meh.' I could get behind the concept, and even the early execution. But really, the movie didn't go anywhere. I kept feeling as if there was going to be some sort of message or point or philosophical breakthrough at some point, but it never materialized. Now, if you love to hate zombies, it's got some of those. And it also has dirty dirty Brits, so if that's your thing, no problem. I know this is the dork in me talking, but I kept thinking the whole movie that they were really pushing it by basing the movie on the premise that the 'infection' works in 10-20 seconds. I mean, I'm no doctor, but is it really possible for a disease to completely take over your body in that time frame? I mean, chemicals, sure, but a disease? What replicates that quickly that doesn't kill its host in a matter of minutes as well?
You know when you spend half the time haveing that debate in your head, you're not really enjoying the movie all that much.

Anyway, on to things that matter. Like working on music projects.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I finished Zelda: The Wind Waker. I think the fact that I am seriously considering whether or not it was the finest console gameplay experience I've ever had should say enough about how good it was. It's definitely the most well-realized visual concept I've ever seen in a game. The only complaint I could lodge is that it's too easy, and the only reaon it's too easy is because the controls are so fluid and natural that you can execute whatever crazy moves you need very easily, usually the first time. I certainly would have preferred that they make it a little more dangerous somehow, but every minute was a joy and I feel bad for every one of you that doesn't get to play it.

Now that it's late and I'm hyper, I think I'll watch the new Matrix movie. But first, I'll watch the Pizza Matrix, because I'm just that type of guy.

Sunday, May 25
I'm just logging some comedy ideas here so I don't forget them and for your edification.

1. Meat Raisins
2. The Raccoon Messiah
3. All their Jesus Trickery

The story that is about to follow is one of those things where I'm glad I'm not the only one to have a crazy opinion on.

Went to a wedding yesterday for Shaft's brother. It was definitely a fun time, but every time I go to a wedding I thank my lucky stars that it's not me getting married and then I have a moment to pray for anyone who might be involved in the planning and execution of any ceremony in which I tie the knot, becuase they'll be lucky to escape with their lives.

Just imagine me trying to deal with people in service industries where I suddenly cared about the outcome. We all know I'm a Nazi about food and music and service as it is. Now, on the most important day of my life, how bad do you think I could get? I'd be one of those people making an appearance on the People's Court, suing the DJ to get my money back because he ruined my reception by playing Paradise by the Dashboard Light. I'd be kicking catering staff if they tried to take dinner plates away from Pyro before he was finished.

Fortunately, I know Atom and DerK, so I don't have to feel alone in this unnatural fury. Even more fortunately, they're getting married someday and the world can still hold out hope that I will remain a bachelor at least until I mellow out.

Saturday, May 24
It's been busy, more or less. You'll have to forgive me.

Anyway. With so many people gone on trips and vacations, it's been a little unexciting lately. I certainly don't want to discuss last night in any way shape or form other than to say I'm glad I got a haircut and beer is good. Any other subject is off limits.

Work has been rather worky of late. Being, as most of you know I am, not a girl makes it kind of odd for me to be in the job I am. The overwhelming majority of people I work with are women. The few men around the office work in departments unrelated to me. I am almost never in a meeting where another male is present. I don't notice it until the occasional time when someone says 'well you have to overcome being who you are.' And then I relaize that 'oh yeah, I do have a dick, and everyone here knows it and it actually hurts the perception of how I do my job.'

That leads me to the subject on my mind. This week at work was the first one in which I decided I needed to start keeping a running tally of my enemies and allies. It's something I bet some of you do at some time or another. I certainly don't think I'm being innovative by doing it.

Basically, I try to be equally nice and friendly and helpful to anyone and everyone at work. Being new (and a boy), I need lots of help and guidance so I can't afford to be rude to anyone. However, if you've been entrenched at the company for years or in a fat-cat position, you can afford to be rude, especially to new people. So, I do my best to be inoffensive and play the 'I'm new and dumb don't hate me' card at every opportunity (I figure I got maybe another month or so of that left before I need to find a new schtick, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it).
The fact of the matter is, most people run with it really well. I really like a lot of the people I work with.
But it doesn't take much to go from 'friendly' to 'superbitch' with me. And this week no fewer than three people put themselves squarely in that designation.
The easiest way to move over is to bitch at me when I try to help you. If I go out of my way to make your job easier without being asked, don't ever, ever bitch at me about how I didn't do a good enough job of it, especially if I did it right and you just don't get it. This happened this week when I had some spare time and decided to do a big project for everyone in the department rather than just my stuff. It was eye-glazingly boring stuff - organizing product on racks in a certain order according to a monstrosity of a report. With all of the missing product, I put red- and blue-colored tags on the report, blue indicating that the product probably didn't need to be there because I figured it was nearly identical to something else already there and red indicating I didn't know why it wasn't there. I then gave that report to the people responsible for each class of product and explained to them that all they needed to do was write down why it was that each item was missing (it was dropped or it hasn't come in yet or it was actually the same as some other item), and track down items that did need to be there and put them on the rack, which is much easier if someone has already figured out what was missing for you.
Now, if you take that report and come back to me and bitch at me about how this or that item doesn't need to be on the rack and that you don't get this whole report and then leave it with me, you have placed yourself right on the list of people I don't like or trust, especially when everyone else was glad I'd done the time-consuming boring part. Don't blame me because US Customs doesn't know from the report which items are the same and they don't need to see, I don't care. It has to be done and I certainly don't know the first thing about your stuff.
So, that's one little story of how easy it is for me to put you on the enemies list, because I will never ever do anything for this person again unless my boss orders me.
No fewer than two other people put themselves in the same boat with similarly rude reactions or actions at work this week. I don't think I'll bore you with the details on those yet, you've got better things to do I'm sure.

Well, there's my perfectly typical story of working with people who can be rude. I know it's wild and innovative and completely unlike anything that's ever happened to you at work, that's what I'm here for, to bring you stories of experiences completely exotic to anything you could know.

Tuesday, May 20
Ho ho ho, a lovely evening, it was almost Christmas-like in it's joyousness.
Season finales of the only two shows I find to be worth watching, both of which were stellar (All I can say is, you should have taken the cd and watched while on vacation).
A nice bike ride and tasty fried rice and one of the funniest things ever to hit the Internet:

It's no secret that I think the Matrix is the most overrated piece of pop culture since the Doors. I might not go so far as to rag on it like my pal Josh did recently. But if there's one thing I now know to be true, the movie would have been a ho-jillion times funnier had it been about pizza. Some of you might have seen me looking at the protos for this masterwork of comedy Sunday night, and now it's all in once video that crashed my machine no fewer than seven times before I got it to work (damn DivX codecs), but it was so incredibly worth it once I saw it. This is one of those tests, if you think this is lame or not funny or stupid, you are dumb and there's no hope for you, ever. You can like Aerosmith or the Backstreet Boys, you can enjoy eating at Lara's or Taco Bell, say The Haunting was a good movie or tape every episode of Saved By the Bell and still possibly be respected, loved and admired. If you can't enjoy the humor on this one, I have no hope for you.

Now, in the hopes of completing the trifecta, I am going to see if I can finish the Wind Waker tonight.

Well, thank goodness for youth and rookies who don't know when a team is supposed to lose.
Last night 19-year-old Jason Spezza was activated for the Sens game, having never played in the NHL playoffs, and chipped in a goal and an assist and the Sens staved off elimination with a 3-1 win last night over New Jersey. I'm still jittery about watching tomorrow night, but at least there is a tomorrow night.

I'm almost done with Zelda: The Wind Waker. Of course, there are tons of extra little minigames and puzzles and treasures I have yet to root out, but it's been a ton of fun. I heard the GC price might not drop by nearly as much as I had hoped, if it drops at all. But, since I've gotten an urge to try Animal Crossing and Metroid and Mario Party 4 and there's that whole upcoming Soul Calibur 2 thing, I guess I can find the dollars sooner or later.

And, since I am an evil, evil man, I will have the season finale of '24' by noon on the PC. The question is, do I watch it while at home for lunch? Since I know only one person who would really be jealous, it's not worth too much. But, now if I miss it like I did last week, I know I can go home and watch. I also could put it on a cd so anyone could watch it if they had a computer with Windows Media Player or Quicktime. If they really wanted it, raather than, say, a tape which I won't have.

Monday, May 19
Monday Monday.

This was definitely a whirlwind weekend. How whirlwind, you ask? I went to bed Sunday night completely forgetting that I had a job. I woke up at 7 and said, 'woah' I have to go to work, what do I do for a living again?
Followed that up with one of the most eye-glazingly boring days of work ever. A lot of staring at things to make sure they're in the right order and then taking notes about which ones seem out of place. Now, there's a way to spend your day.

I had Korean food Friday, plus Sushi. The Hmong food Sunday. And let me say this, had I known it was tripe, I never would have taken any in the first place. Also, tapioca frightens me in general, but it does so much, much more if the lumpy bits are tiny pink spheres and tiny green cylinders floating in a pale pink liquid.

I hate to say it, but TBCS bombed. I love seeing my friends and having a guilt-free weekend to game, but the fact that many people paid $15 to haul their PC to the hangar so they could play single-player games all weekend is pretty lame, if you ask me.

I watched the 20-minute Half-Life 2 preview from E3 at lunch today, so now I'm going to need a brand-new computer by September, as it looks like Valve spent the last five years making the coolest video game ever imagined. The preview looked good enough that I would probably pay to watch someone play it.
Up until the new Zelda came out, I was drifting pretty far from my love of video games, but now it looks like a few games are going to pull me right back into it.

I wonder if I can be blamed for the way the Sens are playing because I neglected to get my sweater out of the garage and wear it to the 'Shoot Saturday? In any case, I'm glad I haven't watched, it's heartbreaking enough seeing the scores. I'm a little torn, but I'm going to skip tonight's game to watch last week's episode of Gilmore Girls and '24'. The season finale's tomorrow night, and I can't tape it, but I probably could have all two hours downloaded from the UberWeb before it airs if I really wanted to . . .

Thursday, May 15
Naturally, the night I forget to set my alarm is also the first night in weeks I haven't woken up on my own at 7 and also immediately proceeds a morning in which Lil' Zebby decided not to go to school in the morning. Consequently, I was late for work this morning.
Anyway, I made up for it by staying extra late, which is fine with me.

I have yet another engagement for this weekend, another graduation party. This one on Sunday. I don't think I've had much of anything to do on the weekends for literally months, and then everything has to happen the weekend of TBCS. Sigh, it's like the world doesn't want me to be a geek.

Wednesday, May 14
As I predicted, the workload is slowly increasing.
Not much in the news department. I've been neglecting this subject since I started playing it a few weeks ago, but the GameCube Zelda game is really something to behold. I want to play it and play it just because it's so smooth and pretty. Almost everything you do in it is so natural, it's hardly like playing a game at all.
And now it's late, time to crawl into bed to dream of kittens and baby chinchillas and playing Zelda.

Tuesday, May 13
The down side to being a sports fan is that as much as you're buoyed by your team when they play well, you're brought down that much when they play poorly. So, now I'm left hoping for a resurgence Thursday night.

Speaking of hockey, Game 4 of the Sens-Devils series is Saturday afternoon, which leaves me with precious little time for geekery that day, between the game and gradumatation parties and all. It will be a day of decisions, to be sure.

My cookies turned out well, in case you were wondering, there was considerably less work to do than I expected for the day, resulting in a minimum of overtime.
This brings me to a little quandry, since I want to work overtime. I know that I work very quickly and even occasionally very efficiently. So, I get all my things done very quickly and so have minimal need to stay late or work on the weekend, so for my efforts I am rewarded with less money (and more time, which I don't need at the moment). I know that in due time there will be more work than I can possibly do in eight consecutive hours, but I need to wait for much of that load to move downstairs, as it is currently making life more fun for people that aren't me. But, for now, the extra dollars just aren't there.

Is it me or is the World Series of Poker have some sort of PR group trying to push it into the national consciousness? I see references to it everywhere, even though I am fairly certain that it is not only over, but also went relatively unwatched.

I bet I have more to complain about, but I need to work on invitations, so you'll have to use your imaginations.

Monday, May 12
Boredom is a powerful tool. I'm now baking cookies for work tomorrow.
No way I'm getting voted off the island.

Sorry no post yesterday, I was busy celebrating my mom, who is pretty cool considering she looks just like Janet Reno (or, she did until she got terribly sick last year). In any case, I have a great mom, so I hope she enjoys playing the fancy Bejeweled and Alchemy at home now.

There's a happy geek-weekend coming up and - to compound the non-stop party that is this weekend - I have a gradumatation party to go to Saturday as well. Congratulations Jon and Sara! Can't wait to party with the soon-to-be-ex-college kids.

Supposably, the Nowhere is hemhorraging employees again. I don't know whether I should laugh or cry. By my count they've turned over 15 of 30 newsroom positions in the last 18 months. Eeep.

I bring you news of others because I have little news of my own. Work is, well, work. I am so jealous of Miss Velveteen's baby that I am thinking of rescuing a grownup from one of the girls' team workers. I probably should wait until I don't have a kid at home and also see where I'm moving to, first. If I wanted to be smart about it.

Short rant: I bought a new keyboard and I already dislike it. It's a little squeaky, but the real problem is that it has a short backspace key. Now, when you type as poorly as I do, you hit that key a lot. Now I type lots of extra slashes instead of correcting my mistakes. Grrrr.

Saturday, May 10
Woo Senators!

In other news, I saw X-Men 2 this afternoon and bought a new TV.
I also have very minor allergies, so my nose is dry and stuffy. Suck.
I don't know what to do, I have this big TV and no TV to watch. Maybe I'll just stare at it and think it's cool.

Friday, May 9
Another team I could do without, out of the playoffs.
Naturally, Minnesota had to putz around and toy with them for a while.
Maybe the sting of seeing their team choke so much will make the annoying Vancouver fans shut the hell up about their team with the lousy goalie. I'm convinced that the Canucks losing the series after being up 3-1 is retribution for Barry Melrose saying Dan Cloutier was 'making all the big saves' in the playoffs. Looks like he missed about 16 big saves over the last four days, huh?

So, I'm an adult now, it seems.
So, most Americans think I should be married with a kid already? Obviously they have not met me.
But, other people can have kids. A very very cute new kid, at that!

It's late, and I don't have anything else to say. I thought of humorous things about commercials again while watching the hockey game, but it's much much too late to share them now. I'll just forget them in my sleep and the world will be a worse place for it, I'm sure.

Thursday, May 8
Since you like things that are interesting to read, a paper on the demise of Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Eeeep! Dates for the final tour of the Dismemberment Plan are up through part of the Midwest.
So, those of you who talked the talk can see if you're willing to walk the walk.
Unfortunately, they decided to breeze through the area in the middle of the week, so I'm not sure how I'll structure my vacation, but for your reference:

Tuesday, June 17: Minneapolis, MN
Wednesday, June 18: Milwaukee, WI
Thursday, June 19: Chicago, IL
Friday, June 20: Detroit, MI

I'm personally inclined to hit the first three, but the last three might make for easier travel and vacation-time. Or, your interepretation may be different. I can take three people with me (more than that and we'll need two cars), and I'm probably getting a hotel room in each town, though I do know people that live in Minneapolis and Milwaukee …

Other than that, I worked today. The end.

Wednesday, May 7
Good health has returned. I feel almost plucky.

This was a confusing day for me, mostly because my guides were busy getting their dicks slammed in a door, and I was left alone to find answers to my questions on my own.
I think I did okay, and if not, I can always get my dick slammed in the door, I guess.

I must say that it's been a good time to be a sports fan lately. Well, at least my particular brand of sports fan, as I've seen a number of hated teams get smoked. As long as this trend continues through the end of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, I will be in a generally good mood.

I so want to get a little baby of my own. And ain't no one gonna tell me how to raise my baby!
Seriously, though. The more I think about it, the more I need a kitten. And, for better or worse, it appears that Mandarin for 'cat' is 'mao.' Which is very cute but has implications in which I may not be interested. I'll look into the Cantonese and, failing that, maybe the Korean.

Tuesday, May 6
Did I mention that I hate being sick?

Fortunately, I'm down to just a simple headache and the soreness now. I expect to be 100% refreshed tomorrow.
It's amazing how boring a day at home alone can be, when you're too sick too actually accomplish anything.

Now, my day tomorrow will just be that much more full. And I am fine with that. I doubt you'll hear me complain about not having enough to do for the rest of the week, huh?

I hate hate hate being sick. I hate it a hundred times more if it's throwing-up sick.
Anyway, it appears I picked up some form of food poisoning last night, as I spent all night puking, sweating and aching.

I was just going to type that I was feeling better, but then I went and threw up the three sips of water I'd had this morning. Fuck you, whatever caused this!

I am even crabbier because I have not missed work for being sick in maybe 10 years, and even then it was because I was a teenager and totally faking it by calling in at Target. Yet here I am, it's 10 after 8 and I'm still in my PJs.

But don't think this is bringing me down from the high of seeing the Sens smoke the Flyers last night. If only I'd been feeling well, I could have stayed at my parents' home and seen the Wild embarass the Canucks as well. Oh well, I guess you gotta be sick sometimes. At least I get paid sick time.

Monday, May 5
I should be crabby, because Blogger's been eating my posts tonight.
Instead, I am positively giddy because the Senators are up 4-1 going into the third, joy. After this, I hope to be able to turn to rooting for wins from Minny and Anaheim, since I hate Vancouver and Dallas. What may be totally scary about this year's NHL playoffs is that, before the games started, I picked the playoff series and have been right to the game thus far for the Eastern Conference (provided Ottawa holds the three goal lead tonight). Of course, this feat of prognostication is totally mitigated by the disaster that was my Western Conference bracket. On that end, I can take heart in the fact that Colorado cannot possibly upend the Senators in the Cup Finals . . .

Work was slow all day, until the very end when I found myself engrossed in a project that turned out to be much, much harder that I had anticipated.

I guess I should mention that I am also pleased because I have managed to transfer a significant amount of debt (nearly five figures) to a low-interest loan, courtesy of my beloved parents. While it seems to be little more than a transfer of debt from one area to another, in reality I expect to save five thousand (or so) dollars over the next four years alone, while my parents (provided I don't lose my job *fingers crossed*) earn the same interest that they did on the account before. I call that a win-win situation.

I have a funny picture or two from the Kohler Design Center, which was a veritable hoot. Sandwiched between good brats, losing the liquor lottery and good malts, it made for a lovely Sunday. Except, of course, for the insane jealousy of anyone with such cool kitchen and/or bathroom fixtures. I'll share the pics if I get home at a reasonable hour with some motivation in hand.

Sunday, May 4
Today was full of but three things: cleaning, cooking and eating. The nice thing is that I did some more cleaning after the cooking, so my house is still in much better shape than it was this morning.
I also learned that pie can help you win friends and influence people.

I should have mentioned yesterday that I am now a famous pundit on state politics. My column on Governor Doyle appeared on both the Wheeler Report and WisPolitics.com on Friday. If you feel like thinking I am a Republican, you can read my last work of professional journalism here. A nice little tidbit, the fucktard Web guy thinks the Governor's last name is 'Dole' - an error made repeatedly on the Web site. I hate fucktards.

My left knee and elbow are incredibly painful tonight. I am also broken, it seems.

I am probably obtaining a kitten in a few weeks time. Maybe that will help me pick up the chicks, you think? Supposedly knowing the difference between iridescent and pearlescent objects makes women think you have the gay. I have decided I need to focus a little more on my more masculine (read: heterosexual male) interests like sports and, uh, boobs. If that's not enough to convince people: I got nothing.

I need to get some sleep. I've got brats to eat and Chuck and Oscar to see and laundry to do tomorrow (read: later today). I can sleep easy after the Sens smoked the Flyers tonight, as well! Damn ABC not coming in on the antenna, though, I only got to listen, not see it.

And wouldn't it be nice
if we could live twice in just one life?
Then we'd know what to do
when I'm shaking in my shoes

Friday, May 2
It's a little slow here at work. Seems I'm a little too good at my job, because I'm always getting my things done too quickly and have to struggle for things to work on. Unlike some people, I can't surf the Internet during the down times to play Mah Jhongg until my eyeballs melt at work.

There's still no exciting news, but it looks like this weekend will be full up. Addressing and NHL playoffs and cooking all day Saturday, with eating brats all day Sunday. If the weather turns out nice I don't know how I'm going to fit in all the laundry I have to do.

I wish I had something going on that made me really angry so I could entertain you by going off about it. The fact is I feel rather unbothered by the world today. Maybe it's because I need a nap.

Thursday, May 1
Moody? Me? Never!

I'll put a deadline of a month from today for me to clear up all the stupid things I'm always bitching about. If I am still behind by then, it's my own damn fault, okay?

No real news, per se. Just another day of work and whatnot. One more before glorious fun-filled weekend. Make the most of it, suckers!

It's after midnight already? Fuck.

I've been very excited about gathjering music for dancing, even if it's mostly music I wouldn't normally have on hand. Much of it is music I like. The joke about me not liking anything good ceased to be funny about two days ago, for your information, and also remains inaccurate. You'll agree with me later, I just know it.
The folder of possibilities already contains 146 songs totalling 540 megabytes of data on the hard drive, with many more suggestions upcoming.

I am sure I have funny things to talk about, but since I am getting sleepy and it's late, I will quick mention a thing or two.
1. You may have noticed a shakeup in the links at your left. Most important among these is the change in the magazine's link. I now officially own 15% of the magazine and serve as a non-managing member of the LLC, which means very little to many of you. Let's hope it returns more than the investment.
2. JJ Lickers is not only the worst name for a restaurant/diner/ice cream shoppe/what have you ever, it's also craptacular. And I mean the bad kind of craptacular.
3. I get very afraid every time someone I know gets in a little (or a big) accident because I am one of the unwashed masses without car insurance. I hope to rectify the situation by the end of May, once I have actual money in hand. Until then, I drive very very carefully.
4. Slippy. tee-hee!
5. I was lonely at work today with everyone gone. The next two days promise to be more exciting, or maybe just more work-filled.