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Monday, February 24
Okay, okay, I fixed the double post. And the "HAHA!" below will take you to a handy ZIP containing a few pics from Saturday's party.

Sunday was just a Sunday. I spent more time playing video games than fixing my portfolio. In my defense, it's been a fairly Herculean task to fix all of them.
I think I can almost pass myself off as someone who someday could play hockey. I still get tired too quickly, but I suppose the 45 minutes of skating drills before every scrimmage wear me out. I am very excited to say that I scored a goal for the first time last night, which was cool for me. Sure, some people might point out that it was just a rebound (and the second rebound at that) but I did put in in the opposite corner of the net, so I'm happy with it. Plus there' s the fact that of the 16 or so people that go to the Sunday Instructional sessions, I'm the second-worst skater by a fair margin. So I'll take what I can get.
What has been annoying me are a few people who show up to the sessions because it's cheap ice time. There are about four tiers of skill at each session. There are those who are barely adequate skaters (this is my group), those who are mediocre skaters and often play ahead of themselves, those who are pretty good and play within themselves and those that don't belong there at all. That last group sometimes annoys me to no end, but there' s usually only one or two there on any given session. I mean some of them are there just because we need more people to have a decent scrim, but last night there was a kid there who was trying all night to put on a one-man show, trying to score on wraparounds, getting into a shoving match with the goalie. I'm happy that Adam gave him a good shove when he did, and after that I felt no compulsion about giving him a shove here and there (I should note that its no-contact). I hope it makes him feel good to score a bunch of goals in a scrim for an instructional league . . .
So, now that that's off my chest, I'll get back to whining about money. Well, I will later, or something.

Oh, and to say a little more about Saturday. I also must say I had more fun than I have in a while at the P. Maybe we should consider doing things like that more often, though I certainly wouldn't want to have to do any more of the before/after cleaning than I already do when dinner's at my home.

Sunday, February 23

Apparently this is the time when I break everything. Many of my fonts are messed up, and I don't know what the heck happened. On top of that, the stoopid code for the tracker is still broken. Somebody thinks they can fix it, but I'll believe it when they pony up and help me with it.
I'm trying to get PDFs made of magazine pages, but the whole fonts thing has me all messed up. I am not pleased.

A happy actual birthday to the Invisible One. If you weren't there, you definitely missed out. I'll see all y'all after I'm done with hockey.

Friday, February 21
Don't hate me blog, even if I did totally gloss over your second birthday!

So, two years and a day of happy blogging for me.
Okay, that's a lie, it's been mostly mopey blogging the whole time, but I'd rather we treated this as a happy occasion. Even if the goddamn tracker is still not working.
So, if you're wondering, the job hunt is cycling back to sending out another round of applications. This weekend I plan on developing an electronic portfolio because I'm tired of paying for photocopies that look disorganized as it is and then paying to mail them. And, yes, I am once again expanding my geographical search. At this rate I'll be applying for jobs in India in mid-March. The sad fact is that I have to get paid sooner or later, and no one around here likes me enough to pay me enough money to cover the rent and car and student loans and put food in my food-hole. I am upset by the thought of leaving, not because of the weather or the city by any stretch. I just don't feel any particular urge to leave my excellent friends. But, I have to keep looking. Honestly, the fact that none of you are rich bastards who can give me a job is something I'm taking as a personal insult, believe you me.
Other than that, there's not much to take note of. There's a very special day coming up tomorrow! And I can look forward to all-I-can-eat stir-fry to look forward to in celebration. . .

Thursday, February 20
I'm still trying to fix my tracker. That it's not working annoys me to no end.

Wednesday, February 19
Back to the good old days.

Tuesday, February 18
After watching 24 Hour Party People the other night, Miss Velveteen asked me where emo came from (as you can guess it's convoluted from here to there, but you're not into details, are you?). I admit I didn't know much at the time, but I found a handy site that does a good job of it for me. There's some good history and a pretty cavalier attempt to define the various iterations of such music. There are some pretty good bands mentioned in there, so if you ever wanted to learn a little about those skinny girly boys with the glasses and whatnot, give it a read. But be aware, many of you won't have much in the way of reference points that make sense to you.
Musical classifications are, in my experience, usually more apt for the bands that imitate those who came before than the bands that actually innovated. And, to me, if you need a trained ear to understand the difference between post-hardcore and emo, then they're really not genre's unto themselves, are they? I always thought of Jawbreaker as the quintessential post-hardcore band, myself, not as an emocore band at all. I guess I've never seen Blake's opinion, either.
I do like the idea of tracing emo all the way back to Husker Du's Zen Arcade.

Anyway, I've digressed from my original purpose. I really liked 24 Hour party People, but mostly because of Steve Coogan, not because of the story arc. Nothing less interesting to me than to see how some folks were inspired by punk to start the club/dance/drug scene. Not that the new wave wasn't pretty cool, but I will always see that transformation as sort of nonsensical. To me, that post new-wave club music is the antithesis of punk. Watching it grow from some sort of punk sensibility is like being inspired to run a meatpacking plant afer reading The Jungle.
It did make me wish that someone would sit down and make a similar movie or two about the post-punk scenes in America. After all, punk died (maybe as far back as 1982, depending on who you ask), but they all branched off into some pretty interesting things, from pop-punk to heavy metal to emo to indie-rock, all of which enoy(ed) their own heydays. The problem would probably be far less 'Behind the Music' than the Manchester scene, but following Husker Du alone would make for plenty of drama.
So, how about it all you would-be movie producers out there?

Monday, February 17
In case you haven't heard. So, now that Google owns my blog, does that mean they'll fix it so I can publish posts of a decent length, or perhaps that they'll make my tracker work better? I suppose that's not Blogger's fault.
About the tracker, I mean.

Why is it that Washington keeps getting decent snow, and we just get junky cold these days? I don't even remember the last time we had a snowfall worth mentioning.

Oh, and I was futzing with my title. The above is a temporary joke, because someone mentioned that my experimental title looked like some sort of TV news caption. So, I went with it. I'll go back to the old way sooner or later.
And, no, I don't actually give you cancer.
Deadline week at the magazine again. Still looking for work. Still sore from hockey, the tracker isn't working now, which upsets me.
Other than that, I got nothing.

Friday, February 14
I sometimes wonder who it is that read this page.
I mean, besides my thousands of friends (nod, wink)
Sure, there are the weirdos and creeps with bizarre video game porn searches, and the folks that drop by occasionally from Chicago Mayhem and the TBCS message board (hey guys!). Today I wonder who visits this site that works for Gant? I mean, it's not really the kind of place I expect any old friends to be secretly working. Or, who's on dial-up in Chicago that hits me from Steph's page and Steph's page? Odd, I tell you. Odd.

Anyway, I just finished watching the Cowboy Bebop movie. I can't wait for the dubbed version to hit theaters, if for no other reason than to see it with familiar voices (they did get the English tv series cast from Bandai, right?) because it's so weird to hear Spike and Jet et al speak differently. It's like the replaced them with entirely separate characters.

When I get a moment of inspiration, I'll put up a new mp3. I'm finally over the Dismemberment Plan kick, so maybe I'll brave something else. Of course, does anyone actually listen to them? I should devise some way of finding out.

Thursday, February 13
I just got back from the year 1998, a.k.a. Fond du Lac. Not much to report on that front, really. One thing I should mention: people are horrible, horrible public speakers. I wish I could somehow convince them to give me money to show them how not to bore people to death or look like a go-tard when they get up on a podium. I should think a little more on that business model …
Meanwhile the magazine is quietly having its best revenue month to date. Of course, it's because it just so happens that several people that periodically run expensive ads are all running in March, but it's still not too bad. We'll have a bigger issue with more color and more ads than ever, which should improve the way people look at it.
Whew, I almost slipped into some serious business pseudo-speak there. I guess it's time to switch gears, eh? Unfortunately, even this newfound cashflow isn't anywhere near enough to keep me on board for much longer. Still biding my time until someone offers me a decent job.

So, I didn't say much about it, but my little reason for living, Peabody's, went off to enter a cocoon last night. We'll see what it comes out as in a few weeks. It had better not be some sort of butterfly thing, because someone would freak the fuck right out. I'm hoping for a nice bar with friendly workers and not too much noise or college kids. I wonder if that's too much to ask?

Tuesday, February 11
Maybe I'll just start posting MSN conversation excerpts.

Ryan says:
saw that coming
Velveteen says:
you're psychic... I bet you could get paid for that.
Ryan says:
I wish
Velveteen says:
plenty of people do
Ryan says:
they're all liars, though
Ryan says:
I am a horrible liar
Velveteen says:
you'll fit right in...
Velveteen says:
you said at lunch that you're a liar
Ryan says:
I did not
Velveteen says:
you did!
Velveteen says:
You said a damn dirty liar.
Ryan says:
I said there was a better chance that I am a dirty liar than the chance that you will become a hobo
Velveteen says:
Ryan says:
well, what are the odds that you become a hobo?
Velveteen says:
Ryan says:
so, the odds of me being a dirty liar are 7, which isn't all that much if you think about it
Velveteen says:
I would say that it's at least a 10.
Ryan says:
I wouldn't
Velveteen says:
but you're a liar
Ryan says:
that remains to be seen
Velveteen says:
by whether or not you're hired to be a psychic?
Ryan says:
Ryan says:
if I do, then I am definitely a dirty liar
Velveteen says:
Right. But I'm not sure the opposite is true.
Ryan says:
well, contrapositives of true statements are not always true
Velveteen says:
Yes. I know.
Ryan says:
let's say it's unlikely that I am a liar if I do not get hired as a psychic
Velveteen says:
I think that may be taking it a bit far.
Ryan says:
shut up and eat your pigeon jerky
Ryan says:
Velveteen says:
Velveteen says:
Wait. I don't have a pigeon jerky hole.
Ryan says:
trust me, you will
Velveteen says:
Velveteen says:
You're already a hobo, I'll have to learn it by watching you.
Ryan says:
I can live with that

Sometimes I wonder why I post at all.
I am considering ending my practice of posting about events in my life. Not that I care who sees them, because I don't, actually. I have always lived what I think of as an open-book life. I have never been one to be defensive or guarded about my personal life. I don't hide things from people. If you ask, you get answer, no matter how personal. Fortunately for me, more often than not, people don't ask too many difficult questions anyway. Probably in their own self-interest. You know, to avoid the boredom and all.
The thing is, I'm getting superstitious. I suspect I've jinxed a lot of things by posting about them. This coming from the most irreligious person you know, of course. I glanced at some of the old posts, back when none of you were reading this, and I sort of miss ranting about things that didn't matter so much. Well, now I mostly keep a bit of a diary here, which some people like and I'm sure some people hate.

Speaking of the old posts, we're hurtling ever closer toward two years of me hating every motherfucking one of you. I hope you're planning to get something nice for the blog.

Monday, February 10
atom says:
Vikings and Visigoths would laugh at Windows 200.
atom says:
I call I get to post this on my blog first.
Ryan says:
atom says:
Done and done.
Ryan says:
well, at least you posted to your blog
atom says:
See? It's all good.
Ryan says:
It's very disappointing to check every day and see only posts from two weeks ago
Ryan says:
if you spent half the time blogging you spend on silly conversations with me
atom says:
*wipes away a tear*

Sunday, February 9
Well, I was busy at the TBCS, so sue me for not posting.

Sitting around, waiting to find out about employment just doesn't make for interesting blog fodder, if you ask me. But hockey resumes tonight, so maybe something interesting will take place for me to entertain you with. I know you'll wait patiently for it.

Wednesday, February 5
As soon as I get a real job (whenever that may be) I swear I'm going to return to the news bitching page. I might have said that lately, I don't remember and I don't feel like checking. Anyway. Reading two weeks worth of Northwestern's in one sitting will do that to you.
But, still no word from Krause, and faiing that I don't know whether or not OshKosh will come through, regardless of whether someone else gets promoted. I think I'll try to remain crabby no matter what, how's that grab ya?

The latest mp3 is from Is Terrified. I like it, hope you do, too.

Oh, don't you know?
Life is a fantasy-dress ball
And if you must come as yourself then you're no fun at all.
Here's a tip: be yourself, but moreso.

Tuesday, February 4
atom says:
Will you be my friend at the LAN party?
Ryan says:
if you're lucky!
Ryan says:
why wouldn't I?
atom says:
Will you teach me to be awesome?
atom says:
I've started playing Warcraft 3, and I need tips/training.
Ryan says:
I don't know, being awesome is a pretty big responsibility

I broke Blogger again yesterday with a long rant about stuff. I don't think I'm going to bother to try to break it up and get it posted. Maybe it's time we all move our blogs to one domain, as someone was talking about for a while there?

Anyway. I gotta go to work and tell Beloit to piss off. Then sit and patiently wait for Krause to call.

Monday, February 3
It is slippery out! I think I slid through an intersection or two on the way home from the Robin's Nest. It's the silly streets that are not icy that lull me into a false sense of security, and then I get to an ice patch and then the fun begins.

Am I the only one that thinks Cartoon Network has royally fucked Adult Swim? Just checking.
And it's supposed to snow a lot while I sleep. Maybe I'll just stay up all night to make sure it doesn't.
Normally, I love snow. But I'm crabby because the landlord, he of the $39/month rent increases, apparently hasn't been paying someone to clear our sidewalk and driveway, which our lease stipulates. Personally, I've never heard of anyone getting a citation for failure to clear a sidewalk. But I'd be on the hook, as I live on the first floor. And we all know that I am a worrier.

Tomorrow holds in store two interviews for the magazine, both with educators of the post-secondary style. I expect I can waste most of my day on the doing and the to and from. So, yay me! As for now, it's back to the lemonade and gin for the Plinko.

Saturday, February 1
Well, I decided to take a day off after a furious day behind the keyboard Thursday.

I wasted much of today, though I had little to accomplish. Actually, nothing. So, instead of me whining about whatever little things have tickled my fancy, I'll let you know that I removed Gyroscope and have replaced it with another mp3 for your edification.

This time, it's off of Change, the latest (last) album. If you check the site, they say that they are going to do a national tour in May. So, keep that month free in your calendar, 'kay?

Too slow again, squishface