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Saturday, November 30
Friday was tiring and dusty. But we got a lot of stuff moved. Next week will be odd, since the office still needs the owner to do a lot of work before we can fully move in. Then I needed a nap and dinner and shopping. I want you all to make sure that you know that office supplies rule. While liking them (pens in particular) is not mandatory to be cool, you have a heck of a lot of ground to make up if you don't love them. I should totally add pens to my Christmas wish list, but if you were bright, you'd have already known that you can never go wrong with pens.

I still haven't started Christmas shopping yet. I also still suck at the hockey. Ummm. . . not much else to report. I tried to sleep late this morning, but the telemarketers kept calling every hour. So, I feel your pain, O-P.
Speaking of O-P, did I mention that she rules? Just checking.
Long weekends are nice, but I never know what to do with myself. It's only Saturday and I'm already bored. I suppose I'll figure something out.
Until next time, Cowboy.

Thursday, November 28
Confidential to UPB (courtesy the American Heritage Dictionary, which is actually a crappy dictionary, I myself am a big fan of the singular Oxford English Dictionary of the English Language, but since I don't have $1300, I don't have a copy. Heck, I have a Webster's Third Edition but I'm too lazy to dig it up so I looked 'em up online):

Utensil: An instrument, implement, or container used domestically, especially in a kitchen.
Gadget: A small specialized mechanical or electronic device; a contrivance.

So, logic tells me that while most gadgets could be called utensils, it is almost certain that not all utensils are gadgets. Therefore, I am interested in the non-gadget type of utensil. So if it's mechanical or electronic, skip it. Of course, I know you don't have me anyway, so why am I bothering?

My Thanksgiving was generally peaceful and uneventful. I nabbed a small shelf from that my sister had in storage at my parents' home in hopes that it will help me get some books out of boxes and onto shelves. I played some C-S and N-S and, surprise surprise, got upset with stoopid people, so I quit. I then OD'd on Super Mah Jongg. I think I will never again desire to match those crazy Chinese tiles.
Now I'm going to hanker down to a movie or three. I already watched Go, a movie I was surprised to enjoy the first time. It's not as good the second time. I've still got Ice Age and Slapshot in the queue. I also have an urge to see Election again, which I own but still haven't removed from the shrink wrap.
I have no wrath to direct at anyone in particular right now. Really.

Wednesday, November 27
I started to post a little while ago about things and through some crazy combination of accidental keystrokes I managed to erase the whole bloody thing.
Anyway. Thanksgiving is coming up, which is probably my least favorite holiday. At least there's usually a long weekend involved.

In other news, we're packing the business up Friday, but we will probably be in storage for a few days before the office is ready.

In spite of all logic, or at least Zombie's logic, I am merely 22% emo and only 30% addicted to the Internet. So, suck it Zomb.

Regarding dinner last night :girls are cute. I have nothing more to say on the matter at this time.

Tuesday, November 26
Notes from my old pal Nick who's hiding away in Alaska for the year:
New All Systems Go! album
Look for songs by the following bands: Pollen (chip), Co-Ed (something always maybe never).
Read Tomcat in Love by Tim O'Brien

Feel free to use this information however you deem most appropriate.
Someday I'll have my own bozoputer and then I can take notes with it instead of blogging it.

Monday, November 25
Yesterday was a crabby day, thanks mostly to a sucktacular effort by my beloved football club. But some good cartoons and chili made it all seem bearable.
I have a lot to deal with today, ideas mostly that I will put forth here for your perusal. The e-mail link at your left provides easy access to providing feeback, if you would be so kind.
The Jawbreaker live mp3 warehouse is up again. I just downloaded four complete shows this afternoon, adding 47 mp3s to my extensive collection of media from my post-punk heros. I now have more live mp3s than they recorded songs, by a fair margin. If that doesn't make me a Jawbreaker geek, then I don't know what would.

Firstly, Christmas is coming. I adore Christmas, but this year's gonna be tough because I'm poorer than I've ever been and I just won't be able to get stupid with presents like I usually do. Now, those of you that know me well know that I won't feel bad because I expect all y'all to be upset with how I choose to go about the gift-giving season as much as I am going to be disappointed to not be buying piles of stuff to wrap and hand out because I love to do it. It's part of my excessive hospitality disorder, not a judgement on anyone's greed level.
I will find solutions, though, trust me.
Out of selfishness, I'm putting up a basic Christmas list for the benefit of my family and whoever drew my name from the bowl. I personally feel that my well-known hobbies should make an adequate source of ideas, but I'll list them anyway.
1. Cooking, though I'm mostly full on gadgets, one can never have too many utensils or pots and pans.
2. Media: Particularly design books. I saw some nice ideas on Amazon and Adobe for magazine/graphic design and layout. I'd love you forever. DVDs, games and music are also good ideas, but you know what a bitch I can be for that stuff, so I'd tread lightly if I were you.
3. Clothes: Ties, socks (cute only). I desperately want a black wool winter coat, and I'm going to beg my parents for one.
4. Anything on my unhealthy affections list. eBay always has stuff that could fulfill a little part of my unhealthy affections list, especially Jawbreaker memorbilia, Ottawa Senators gear, and cute Hello Kitty trinkets to name a few. Caveat: I think you all know full well that I won't wear jewelry or accessories of any sort, so if it goes on my hands or wrists, keep it away from me.
5. Gear: I'm going to cross my fingers that my parents get me a PDA this year, now that they're so cheap. I'm sure that there are other geek things I'd love, but I never go out looking for gadgets as much as I should to maintain my geek cred.

Now here are some ideas for the whole family to enjoy.
I think we should have a (series of) gathering(s) to watch Cowboy Bebop. DerK was rambling about it last night, and I think several of us haven't seen it, some more notably than others. Mr. Jones owns it, you know.
I mentioned to Velveteen that perhaps I should start hosting regular large dinner gatherings instead of small haphazard affairs as I have been. With that, I'd have to ask for people to help defray food costs, but then we could make it a regular thing (say every Thursday or Friday night), and we could try different things according to what people wanted. If people are interested in this idea, they should definitely let me know. Purchasing and cooking food is much cheaper than going to a restaurant, you know.

Sunday, November 24
I know I can be crabby. I hate stupid people, and they seem to be everywhere. Do they not realize that their ignorance will cause me to explode?
Of course, like a fool, I continue to play online games, which means being forced to associate with some of the stupidest people on the planet, other gamers. A lot of my friends are gamers, don't get me wrong, but most gamers are complete go-tards. I don't know how they manage to turn their computers on, much less install and run a game on the Internet. Yet, every time I log on, there they are, annoying me with their nonstop swearing, shooting at their teammates as they flaunt their ignorance of the even the elementary aspects of whatever game they have chosen to assail with their weapons of pure idiocy.
Fortunately, I have other things to distract me for the rest of the day. There'll be a Packer game to watch, hockey to suck at and cartoons to watch. Woo.
Other than that, I got nothing.

Saturday, November 23
Interesting night.

I forewent (did I just make that up?) going right to the P with the gang to spend some time with Ms. VGG and some of her friends for a bit. I must say that I don't remember the last time it was just me and seven hot college girls sitting around a table playing drinking games (read: first time ever). But, Ms. VGG's rules of women hold true it seems: all the good ones are taken and the rest are bitches. I hope that rule doesn't carry over to women my own age. *fingers crossed*
After playing some card games whose only purpose seemed to be forcing people to drink as much as humanly possible, they decided to go to a party for a bit, and I took that as my cue to head over to the P where I could engage in crazy innuendo for the rest of the night. Despite bouts of being tickled, I had a very excellent time at the P as well, probably more fun than usual, though I could not explain why. It probably had something to do with 'abner ass', if you know what I mean.

I have a new link or two, our new pal O-P. I think I'm going to need a new template soon, everyone else seems to like this one so much. Sigh. We also have Dusto, who's from the old school.
Speaking of links, I wonder if someone will ever fix the whole skunkmonkey mess? Hmmm?? Hmmmm??
Just wondering.

Friday, November 22
Okay, okay. Girls don't really hate me.
Well, not to my knowledge. For the most part I just notice indifference, that's all.
Seriously, though. I'm exhausted for some odd reason. I slept 10 hours or so this morning and my whole body still thinks I should be lying down. Other than that, I don't have much to bitch about.
I've had "If I Don't Write" in my head all day because it was pretty cool when the Plan played it the other night. If the mp3 wasn't so big I'd post it now for your listening pleasure, but I don't have 6 MB of web space just lying around at the moment.
This weekend will be all about the relaxing, thank goodness. I hope you all do a little of it as well. It's good for you, trust me.

Comedy gem of the week (courtesy Something Awful): "Once when two Mormons or Jehova's (sic) Witnesses (I don't remember which) came to my house and asked me what religion I was, I told them I was a Frisbetarian. They looked puzzled and asked what that was. I said, "We believe that when you die your soul goes up on the roof and you can't get it down."

Man, this site used to be funny. Now I feel that I have been extra lame lately. I have no idea how to rectify that at all, though. My search engine referrals are funnier than anything I've written lately.
Anyway, since moping is rarely funny, I'll rant. You all find anger funny, don't you?
Well, as it turns out, I don't have much new to rant about. I mean, I'm poor, I can't find a second job. Girls hate me. I lose. The end. Doesn't exactly make for exciting copy, does it?
I hope that tomorrow I can expand my horizons a bit instead of stressing about work all the time for a change. I had to spend most of the night killing stuff to take my mind off the whole work subject. Now I'm going to read and go to bed.

Thursday, November 21
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Am I the only one scared by the eighteenth item on the list?

Blogger was being assy yesterday, but as you can see, you didn't miss much. As I type this, I'm printing out proofs of the cover for Issue 6. I whined about the art for several days, but I think it turned out decently, if it's still far from our best cover.
Despite deadline, I went to Milwaukee to the Modjeska to see my favorite band in the world that's still together, The Dismemberment Plan. The show was so cool I think I'm still shivering. Well, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it was very very cool. All of you that had things you just had couldn't skip missed out, let me tell you. They actually started off kinda poorly, doing songs that apparently don't translate well live, but once they got going and into faster, simpler songs (or ones that don't require Travis to sing in those oddball falsettos) the show really took off. I think Travis (described by some of my traveling companions with a Buffy reference, losers) seems to be having a little private party the whole time he was onstage. I was sorta disappointed in the song selection at first, but once they played Ice of Boston and The Other Side back to back, I couln't complain. I still would have loved to see Back and Forth, Gyroscope and 8 1/2 Minutes, but they don't go on tour to appease little old me. Do they?
It was foggy on the way home, actually extra foggy. But it was warm at least, no matter what Stephanies say. I wonder how they will survive the winter.

Wednesday, November 20
Work work work. That's me.

Monday, November 18
Man do I suck at skating. To top it off, my back is killing me, mostly because I'm not used to skating so much. At hockey Sunday there were about twenty people instead of thirty, which means a lot more time spent on the ice for me, and I felt it fast. My ankles almost gave out and now I'm very sore.
I've managed to get a lot of work done today, more than I tought I'd be able to, to be sure. That doesn't mean that there isn't a veritable fuckton of work yet to do.
I did watch the Fellowship of the Ring: hyper dragon special edition II Saturday night and it was great. I think they could have added another thirty or so minutes and I'd still not notice how long I was sitting down all at once. For those of you who know how figety I am, this is a truly great accomplishment on the part of Mr. Jackson.
I'd really like to get all up at arms over something, but the fact is, I hurt. So there.

Saturday, November 16
Saturday schmaturday.
I've been working pretty much as if it were a weekday, only I slept in until 9 or so. But I've also punctuated it with more slacking when I need a break than usual. So, I guess it's sorta like a day off.
I wanted to go to Kohler with UPB and Velveteen and Mother to watch some Packers in style, but it looks like I won't get my second story done in time if I travel with them. It means I'll be here Sunday, but I'd still want to watch the game. Mrs. Jones? Hello? I guess I haven't watched any games with my mom yet this year. How strange.
Speaking of Packers, I wonder why when someone brings up sports, that we don't hear from him about his team? I guess some things are just too depressing to talk about.
Another reminder about Wednesday to the folks headed down to Milwaukee to see the best band in America. I am very stoked to see that show, very. It turns out Thursday is the day we are planning on getting issue 6 off to the printers, so that day will suck for me. No sleepng in. Maybe I'll convince someone else to drive back (!) so I can at least relax a bit.
I'm going to watch my new LoTR: FoTR super tiger-dragon edition tonight with some friends. I think it's like four hours long or something. I know Pyro is probably holding a showing as well at about the same time. We can have a little geek communion moment tonight.

I may be home
but if you'll please leave your message at the sound of the tone
excuse me for my fear of the telephone.

Thursday, November 14
I know what boys like.
Well, is it really that hard to figure out?

It's time to get cracking on my stories for Issue 6. I have just two of them and I need just one more source to come through to finish one of them. I was finally paid yesterday, again a little less than was expecting but we're getting better every month. It looks to me like January will be the first really good month for us. In the meantime, I'm still looking for a part-time job, which I've been doing since August, and still to no avail. I'm still crabby about it, because I know that the fact that I can't find one is stupid. But I've bitched about it about five times here, and it won't make any difference if I do it again, so 'meh.'

I skipped the P last night to hang with Sara a bit, do a little gossiping, etc. Again, the topic of my blog came up. I must say this, I won't ever change the way I do things around here. I know who reads this site and who doesn't (tracking statistics tell me a whole lot, you know) and while I've offended a few people unintentionally, there are also those whose opinions simply don't matter to me. I keep plenty to myself, trust me. I only share that which I'm comfortable with the world seeing. I'm an (emotional) exhibitionist at heart, anyway.

Wednesday, November 13
Hmmm. . . I swear I posted yesterday, but it seems to not be here now. I guess I'm often mystified by the mysterious ways of Blogger.

I don't remember what I had to say, but I'm sure it was really interesting, as I always am. I know I said something about going to Chicago on Sunday, on developments at work and probably some bitching for good measure.
To encapsulate, we're moving into an office by December 1st. The Chamber meeting was Monday and let me tell you, the entertainment was truly awful. At least I got some business done there.
I probably could whine and moan about some other stuff too, but work's been keeping me busy. I know that the Dismemberment Plan is next Wednesday, and I need to make sure everyone is coming in case I need to find replacements for you. Man am I hungry. I guess a dinner of Ramen noodles makes for a hungry Plinko in the morning.

Monday, November 11
I haven't posted in a few days. Mostly because I've been crabby and my legs hurt. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have work to do.

Thursday, November 7
I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but I'm already thinking about Christmas. I love the Christmas season, probably not at much as someone, but a whole lot. So, anyway, are we drawing names or what? I already know what I want: clothes, books and kitchen supplies. More specifically, long-sleeved clothing, books on cooking or print/magazine design and damn near anything for my kitchen, since I get retarded for kitchen accessories. Anyway, I'm anxious to plan buy Christmas buying, what with all the no money I have! Whatever.

I'm almost as excited for a gi-normous party after Christmas for a bunch of birthdays that happen to fall between Christmas and New Years. Woo!

In other news, I've been working all day. Go me.

We looked at some office space this morning for the business. In less than a month I might not be doing so much work from home, as I will have a real office to call my own. Or, my and Sean's, I guess.

I'm going to go skating tomorrow evening before I head out to the P. I wouldn't mind having company if any of you feel like falling on ice with me for a bit.
I'm going to make a big ol' vat of chili Saturday, if anyone's interested in the eating. I also realized last night that if i'm going to drive to Chicago on Sunday, I'll miss the Packer game. Sigh. Maybe I'll beg someone to tape it for me.

Wednesday, November 6
Well, this has to be the best election for me, ever. All my endorsed candidates won, though the Attoney General race was really, really close.
In other news, they were selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts at my polling place, so I was an extra-special happy fun-time winner yesterday.

Tuesday, November 5
It's election day! Get out and exercise your democratic duties!

I can't believe I didn't think of this before, but just in case you haven't voted yet, I'm going to plug my last-minute political endorsements for you, and I promise they'll even be serious. If you don't like my endorsements, that's fine with me. But at least vote today. I'm not endorsing any candidates in minor races about which I know little, if anything, though I'll probably vote Democratic in them.

Winnebago County Sherriff: Mike Brooks (incumbent). He's a really nice guy that's done well in putting the County Sherriff's Department on the right track in the way he's handled the new jail currently bring built. I've seen nothing from Bob Hughes to tell me why I shouldn't vote for Brooks

Winnebago County District Attorney: William Lennon, Waupace District Attorney. He's a stand-up guy that probably shouldn't be allowed to be on television or the radio. His opponent's, current Assitand D.A. run a sloppy campaign that included him making a lot of bogus, pointless claims.

Wisconsin 54th Assembly District: Gregg Underheim (incumbent). Sure, he said called Eric V.T a homosexual, but his opponent, Jim Genisio is a nutjob, so it's hard to vote against him. Considering the caucus scandals, if there was a decent opponent you could argue to vote against Underheim, but Genisio shouldn't be allowed within a hundred yeards of any lawmaking responsibility, if you ask me.

Wisonsin Attorney General: Peg Lautenschlager U.S. Attorney. Did you know that both A.G canidates used to work at WInnebago County's D.A.'s office? Lautenschlager has done a good job with duties that are closer to what the A.G. does than her opponent, Vince Biskupic (Outagamie County D.A.). Plus, the office has been filled admirably by a Dem (Jim Doyle). I see no reason to switch parties in an office that requires a lot of activisim in prosecuting companies that take advantage of businesses, citizens and resources in the state.

Wisconsin Governor: Jim Doyle, Attorney General. Doyle's been a credit to the state as A.G., while McCallum has largely been a joke as fill-in governor. Republicans can complain about Doyle's views on the QEO or property taxes, but McCallum showed he was willing to sacrifice the most-important state program in shared revenue because he can't bring himself to reasonably balance the budget from state programs. In all the mudslinging in this campaign, McCallum's camp comes out looking worse, especially regarding the caucus scandals. Ed Thompson is a nice guy, but he's no different than Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, a guy who has no real clue about what he'd be getting into.

Monday, November 4
So, I'm a little sore. And I had to drive to Chilton this morning to plead 'not guilty' for my traffic ticket. I assume I'll end up paying more this way or something stupid like that, but we'll find out sometime in December when I go to the Calumet County DA's office.

This weekend is looking extra stupid for me. Somehow I expect to go to Madison Saturday, stay down there, drive to Chicago in the late morning, stay there for a few hours then drive back to Madison and then back to Oshkosh and get to the Y in time for hockey lessons, which have been moved up to 6:15 p.m. instead of 7:15. Am I crazy? I might skip the LAN this weekend to make it all a little more reasonable.

At least I have Monday Night Football tonight. And meatloaf. Yum.

Sunday, November 3
Woke up at noon today, which is extra late for yours truly.
Friday was alright. I enjoyed the show. I couldn't believe that the bar was as completely empty as it was. And it was cold. I am so never wearing tights to the bar again!
Sadly, Sean still has my camera from the state Economic Summit, so I didn't get any pictures of people in their costumes. Ah well . . .

Yesterday was a totally lost day. I woke up early just because and proceeded to do nothing. Nothing. I was so bored I could have cried. At least that evening I went with Mother and Velveteen to a party for a bit - let me mention I didn't dress up, for which I am eternally grateful - and it was okay. We then stopped at the bar and then went to Perkin's, which was weird, mostly due to the creep-os at the tables adjacent to us with their loud conversations.

So, tonight is hockey, which means I will miss enchiladas. I should make it for Adult Swim, yay! I need to get some more equipment this afternoon, too. I so am going to suck at this. I hope they don't kick me out for sucking too much at skating. Ah well, I trust Barren's judgement on this one. He thinks I can manage it, and I hope he's right!

Friday, November 1
So, it was announced today that CHI Mayhem, the place that I have wasted most of my free time since I got back from England last March, is discontinuing the Counter-Strike server. Sigh. I can't believe I've kept playing that game for three years, and it's mostly because I almost always had fun there.
Anyway, I know I just drove to IL last weekend, but now I'm going down for the closing ceremony Sunday, Nov. 10. I don't expect anyone from up here to go with me, unless it's Dusto or one of my faithful readers who's a CHI reg.

Sad sad sad, this one.

I'm currently in line to download the Natural Selection mod for Half-Life. This might be the last great hurrah for Half-Life, and it looks pretty exciting. With luck, it'll be super fun and we can LAN it at Epicenter and TBCS.
In other news, its seems to be cold again. I'm a lazy hamster and the weekend is almost here. Other than that, I've got nothing.