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Wednesday, July 31
I use my real name on my web page, all the time. Fortunately for me, there are a bazillion people with my name out there, so I can bitch away in relative anonymity.
That said, I was awakened this morning at 7:15 by a phone call from the SWEF because her sorta-boyfriend called her last night because he'd stumbled across my archive page when google searching for her name. . . Whoops!
Funny thing was, the only thing he'd told her was that she had been #10 on the top 10 most influential women list, the one I had done in conjuction with my birthday back in December. She thought it was funny and cool. I think he either didn't read the rest of the site (it is about 100 pages long, go figure) or was too classy to tell her some other things I've said about her, heh! I like this guy more and more all the time.
So another disaster averted.
Anyway, now that tracking software is the topic du jour, I'll say it straight, I love it and I look at my stats obsessively. Damn near every site does it, and it's part of life on the Uberweb. From it I learned to not post too much on weekends, as my site gets read about 1/3 as much on Saturday and Sunday. But I really like seeing the searches, about half of which are for 'Plinko.'
I still wonder who searched me from the Oregonian, not their site but somoene who was actually at the office. Maybe it was some Chi Mayhemmer or something. Weird.

Anyway, I talked more with Initial and it looks pretty grim for working there. I think they'll try to juggle people's shifts to get me to return but the shifts available don't do much for me, I'm not real hyped on working any third shifts, you know?
So, how are all you all doing?

Tuesday, July 30
Did the laundry and developed ideas for new revenue sources for the magazine. I floated the idea of moving back home with the parents if money continues to avoid the magazine. I think they'd prefer that we make some money instead. Plus my annoying bitch of a sister still lives there, rent-free, which makes the idea of going home even more unpalatable.
I have some appointments tomorrow and then I'll head out to Initial to talk with my old boss about what they want me to do. I'm warming up to the idea of sitting around the old security office on weekends, it's not like I do all that much anyway.

"You're on my mind
you're in my clothes
no one knows
you're in my head
like a dumb song
it just goes
you're on my face
you're on my lips
and it shows.

I should be happy and I am.
I want you close to me.

You're like a simile
You're like a metaphor
something else.

You're like the ocean floor
but not as blue
and I fell in.
So take my hand
and swin around
kiss me hard
until I drown.

I want to be
your shirt
so I can hug you while you work.
I want to be
your wife
you can beat me every night.

Our life
a book to write.
Every page is blank.
I'm sick
sick of this.
Every page is blank."

-Jawbreaker, Shirt

Second installment of the bitch page is up, and a permanent link in the 'news' section at left.

Speaking of the papers, some former Pluswood employees reportedly roughed up a security officer at the plant and took her keys, according to the Northwestern. I used to work as a security officer there, as did Abraxis. Weird.
At least at Truck there are several other guards and you have a radio in case anyone decides to get cute, while at Pluswood you're by yourself with a phone in the office, makes you feel real safe, eh? I bet the girl quit the next day.
As for the jokers, nothing more satisfying than assaulting a female security guard and taking the plant keys to get your rocks off, isn't there?

I'm going to get a bit of work done and then go to my parents to do a little more while I launder my clothes. Oh, and I'm still thinking of a angry history moment, UPB. I'm well aware that July 34th is hurtling towards the present at a breakneck pace.

Monday, July 29
Third post today! No wonder I get so many hits.
The joyous bitch about crappy news coverage page begins here. Again, I implore you to e-mail me with any tales of journalistic stupidity (and only the outrageous type, I only have so much time).

Google thinks I'm the third most relevant site for people looking for "dogs screwing women pictures".
Just thought you might be wondering.
I also was visited by someone at the Oregonian searching for 'plinko ryan buck blog' which seems rather specific for someone who wouldn't know the URL. I'd just guess it was Zebby somehow, but wouldn't he just go off his own site's links?
I do look at the stats regularly because I'm a curious, not just jaded, motherfucker.
I wish I'd caught the ip of the person searching for the doggie photos, but it was already past my 20 most recent unique hits, though it was still in my last 20 referrers list. That would be great, to e-mail the place that pervert was at and say he was lookin for doggie porn at work or something.

I called Initial and I swear they all but asked me to come and pick up a uniform tonight. They *might* want me to pull some thrid shift action, which I'm not to keen on. If I could get both weekend first shifts in ops at OTC and like one second shift at a gate or ops at OTC I would be ecstatic, but I'm not sure if I can do any thirds since I wake up so much earlier now than I did then. And I realize that none of you understand what I'm talking about here, honest. I wouldn't mind doing security at Oshkosh Truck, since the pay isn't bad and you mostly just sit. I could read, listen to music or even write if I picked up a laptop (or borrowed one from someone who never uses theirs. . .). We'll see, they were by far the most enthusiastic about me coming in of all the part-time work inquiries I've made.

Saving money is coming along well. I didn't buy anything but food and gas all weekend, and in two trips to Appleton with Abraxis I've managed to not buy any books or cds or games or anything. Now if only people would call me back about advertising.

I am just too lazy to upload all my photos that I've taken lately. It's partly because after being lazy last week I have to do a lot of work now. So I guess busy is a better word than lazy, since I'm perfectly willing to substitute opposites in a sentence at the blink of an eye.
I could be much, much more productive, but people seem resistant to the idea of returning phone calls. I don't know where they get it from, but it pisses me off to no end. I'm probably going to write my next column about it. Of course, It will take considerable effort to make it more than crybaby whining, something you know I never ever ever do.

I'm still worried about finding part time work. I might call Initial and see what I can do, if they'll take a pinko journalist like me. At least I could get some reading done if I got to do that. Of course, I'll hear about the OTC thing soon and I don't know how things are going at Captain's yet, either. I may go over to the dark side and apply at the Hollywood that's a block away. I don't know if I would really want to work with Cohiba, that could be dangerous.
I'm starting another blog, one devoted to bitching about the local news. I'll expand it past just the Northwestern, but for now it's what I know best.
I'm sure there are other issues at hand, but I'll save them for later. For now, suffice to say that I hate you.

Sunday, July 28
Well, the Yoop party was awesome. I even sang some karaoke, believe it or not. I'd like to give out some details, but we're leaving soon, I'll take care of that when I get back. Maybe if I'm not to tired I'll check out what's going on Sunday night. I got some funny pictures, too.

Friday, July 26
A-Lo. is a smart, smart man.
And someone got to my site by searching for 'inflatable ride on buttercup'
I'm scared.

Leaving in a Corolla. . . but not for several hours.

The last two days have set unique visitor records for me each day. That's cool, I remember when I was wondering if I could get more than three hits a day, and it's not like getting 60 or so in a day is a lot (just look at Barren's hits, and he doesn't even update all that often!), but it's way more than I really can comprehend as logical. I think there's been a small influx of visitors from Chicago Mayhem, which is cool because there are some awesome folks out that way, so the list of linked blogs might keep growing, I'm not even making note of them anymore.
Speaking of links, you're welcome , Zazent, but you know I'm not really all that young, I can think of at least four bad guys younger than me, and there might be another one or two depending on birthdays. I guess if you act like a baby. . . oh well.

The SWEF has almost shed her nickname, but she's been calling me constantly because she's nervous about the whole guy thing. And I don't mind talking to her about it but she's getting way out of hand. If I had a reasonably attractive, extremely nice, intelligent and filthy rich girl who just happened to be smitten with me I would not be calling my close friends all the time because I was worried about whether or not I was making too much of a commitment by going to the company party with her, you know?
Of course, the SWEF has issues just like I do, and probably with better reason, even, so I don't tell her she's being dumb or anything. Unlike some people who love to criticize. That's all I'm saying.

I'm gonna go do laundry and maybe swing out to EAA and then it's up the Yoop for a weekend of drinking and singing.
I'll keep my eyes out for, you know, bears.

Thursday, July 25
Sean paid me way more than I expected. Now I hope advertising revenues ensure that the paycheck only keeps rising, since as generous as it was, it won't pay all my bills for a month. And I'm sorry to keep posting, but think of it as bonus material for those of you who check up on me more than once a day.

Hmmm. . . the little brother neglected to pay the cable bill for the last three months. No Good Eats watching for me tonight.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I will not be out at all Friday, I'll be on the way up North. I love you all anyway, even if you do pack in early on Wednesday nite and I have to go home dejected.

The proofs for the second issue came back today, they look really good, except for the one typo I made on a subhead that we didn't catch. Ooops.
It might cost us $55 to fix. Can you believe that? We're trying to negotiate an acceptable number, but if we don't pay it, keep in mind that I honestly know how to spell 'sotfware' correctly. I'm just an awful typist.

Anyway, the New York Times had a great piece on people finding stuff about you out online. I'd link it, but its a reg. required site. You should start going there yourself, anyway. Look under the Tech section for it. It made me think of one evil person, and one evil person only.

Also, maybe I'll just stop talking about girls. It seems like I'm better off talking about how poor I am with money, rather than how poor I am with women, since I get way less criticism about it.
Oh, and before everything sounds too dire, moneywise, I found out today that I am going to get paid a small sum for this month. I'm guessing it will come out to about $1.50 an hour, but it's a big raise over last month. Do me a favor and buy some advertising, k?
I also managed to beat the computer in a game of WCIII yesterday.
Things are looking brighter already.

Wednesday, July 24
I got the math gnomes together and I have bad news, I'll be flat broke when I pay all my bills at the end of the month.

Anybody need a skinny geek around the house?

I'm doing my best to take today off. The final paycheck arrived from Gannett today, so I will definitely be able to eat and pay rent next month, which is good.

I haven't heard anything from Landmark regarding that temp thing at OTC. So, there's a fair chance I'll be stringing at the video store soon. I'll have to get in touch with the Captain about that.

I forgot to say thanks to the Invisible One for the disc. There were all sorts of neat little treats on there.
I might break all the rules and buy that Jawbreaker double album that came out yesterday. Yeah, I don't want to let a post go by without mentioning my punk-rock idols.
I'm going to spend some time with the Toss and then at the P with the Bad Guys tonight, it is, after all, a Wednesday.
Yes, it's all about me.

What part of me making plans to hang out with Shelly next week makes me a pussyfooter, wonders the Plinko.
I guess there's just no pleasing some people.

That's just what Jesus said.

Tuesday, July 23
Okay, okay, a real update.

Though it depended on a considerable lack of sleep, the second issue was sent to the printers this morning over the magick of the UberWeb. I then went home and slept until 2 and then I got up and put on some nice clothes and a tie and went to the opening of the new A-C Compressor plant.

I watched Casablanca last night with Shelly. She's cute. I don't know what else to say, though. She doesn't seem really interested in, you know, mushy stuff. We're supposed to start watching the Sci-Fi channel's Dune miniseries at my place starting next week. I'll try to impress her with ninja-style flipping out, cooking and cute socks. She is still single, so there's hope and all.

The magazine launch BBQ went well. The SWEF was there and was exceedingly friendly. How friendly? She told me that A-Lo and Em were two of the nicest, funniest people she ever met and before she left she hugged me. She's never done that, ever. She's so nice because she likes a boy, and I'm happy about it because she's a million times nicer to talk to than ever, so I won't complain about her for a while, I promise. Unless she decides she doesn't like him and turns sour again. Then whine away I shall. I do talk to her almost every day, we're like best friends or something. It's weird.

Looking forward to the Yoop more and more, this is gonna be some kind of whacko party, so I'll be sure to tell you all about it and post photoz of the action. I might even be able to post for you from the dark forest that is Michigan's Upper Penninsula. I sent an e-mail to the Reverend, we should meet up while we're both out there at the fringes of civilization.

You know, playing Warcraft III custom games against the computer is the opposite of fun. Each time a game of WCIII is played against the computer, an equal amount of actual fun is destroyed, creating a small explosion.
Or maybe I'm just gassy.

Sorry if people tried to read too much into the last post, I've just been on a Jawbreaker kick lately.

[edit] I realize I already said that stuff about the BBQ, but I wanted to clarify. I didn't realize until I re-read the post that the sentences are so darned similar. I guess I must have a writing style, or something.[/edit]

i caught my eye
in a swinging door
i'd never seen
that man before

i saw myself
in someone else
and hated them ever since

some broken glass
and a bleeding hand
the mirror's down
but i'm still standing

I know who I am.

-Jawbreaker, Parabola

Monday, July 22
People who work on macs and don't know how to send files to people with PCs should die.

Sunday, July 21
Well, it's been a whirlwind weekend of parties, work and admiring my new car. The second issue will, with luck, be off to the printers sometime Monday. I still have some writing to do, but it will all get done, somehow.

I'm looking forward to the coming weekend, as I will be headed off to the Yoop on Friday nite for the great Suomi (that's Finnish for Finland) karaoke party. I will be sure to report from the remote location.
I'm still unsure of what the part-time job prospects are, I hope that all will be decided soon.
The launch party was fun, I was sorry we had to keep it low-key, so most everyone couldn't be invited. It was a good time, if unbearably hot. I will be diverting some research funds to the creation of the sun-gun, I think. The SWEF made it, so A-Lo and Auntie met her. She was in a very pleasant mood, though, so all was happy. I hope that mood continues for her. It's just so much more pleasant that way.

I'd like to end this post with a quote:
"Oh, I'd fuck Moby, I mean he's hott and all, but I'm not really into his music."

Friday, July 19
Was I moping about something before?

I can't seem to remember. I don't know why.

I intend to pick up the Corolla this afternoon. *giggle*

So, I've got a lot of work to do today. We're checking out another potential office for the mag. I'm not too keen on moving into an office until I get paid.
Speaking of getting paid, I threatened Gannett with a legal claim yesterday in a voice mail. But no response so far.

In girl news, and I know you all sit around waiting to read about how I almost kinda sorta know a girl whom I might, you know, be interested in well, you know, uhhhh. . . going out with sometime, if she were interested in, you know, something like that well if she's not too busy or it wouldn't be weird or anything you know what I'm talking about.
I feel more and more like I'm in high school again every day regarding my relationship with the opposite sex. I have a number of good female friends. I have a close friendship with a woman whom I used to have the hotts for but now we just tell each other everything about how unuccessful we are at dating and how much alike we are, which always makes you feel good, right? And then there's a swirling fog of semi-available members of the opposite sex out there, and they're mostly fairly intimidating, mostly from the swirling, and a bit from the fog. But it makes me feel regressed. Probably for obvious, if you know me well, reasons.
To be honest, I am amazed that anyone ever has a successful relationship at all, since most everyone I ever meet is a certifiable moron, and I appreciate very dearly the people who break the mold. All I ever hear from people is how terrible others are at developing good relationships, from terrible pickup lines to borderline obsessiveness.
Well, getting to where I wanted to go with this, and I did have a point beyond just being, as a certain someone might call it, mushy.
So, I am going to watch a movie and eat with Shelly on Monday, and I'm thinking way too hard about it. Mostly because as most of you (as she does as well) that I like her. See how the very teen-ish type stuff is coming out here? This is an odd bit of territory for me, since Shelly was the third - maybe fourth depending on how you account for things - and last, girl I seriously tried to date since the disaster that was my evil, evil ex- (and I don't feel like getting more hits on the site from using her name right now, thanks). And while it went the farthest, all the way an actual date of sorts, it pretty much marked the beginning of a long dead period for yours truly. There was calling, talking, eating and more talking. And when things just didn't seem to work out, I gave up on it.
So, here we are, several months later and now we're doing something Monday. And I'm wondering to myself if this is supposed to denote some sort of interest on her part or if she figures by now I'm not interested any longer. I suppose I'll find out, then, won't I?

Sorry to get all touchy-feely on you. I honestly have a ton of work to do, so maybe now I've moped about it just enough that it will be off my mind for a while. That and did I mention I'm going to pick up my new car this afternoon?

Just a thought: there should be jail time for people who don't return work-related phone calls.

Thursday, July 18
Tomorrow, they say, on the automobile.

Oh, I do have the Varsity font, Velveteen, in case you're still looking.

I'm very lazy today.

The car might come in today, keep your fingers crossed.

I'm starting to get antsy about money. With any luck Gannett will come through and pay me the six or seven hundred dollars they owe me very very soon, which will make me feel a bit more at ease. It's also hard to find part-time work these days, don't know why.
I got an e-mail from Shelly this morning, looks like we'll be hanging out on Monday or Tuesday. I have decided to keep my hopes up, mostly so that I will be pleasant to deal with until then.
We're on schedule to get the mag out to Action on Monday morning. I do have a lot to do between now and then, but it's mostly writing and editing. One story idea might be straight down the tubes if someone from Quad doesn't get back to me today. I'm not real keen on getting the story done for this issue anyway, I think I'd rather try to expand the idea and do a better one in the future.
As for the weekend, I will be working some during the day, but my evenings are party-filled. I've got a bachelor party Saturday and the launch BBQ Sunday.
I finished Warcraft III this morning, now we'll see how I feel about custom games against the PC or possibly other humans.

I still giggle every time I look at the bad guys directory. I actually had a self-portrait made that way already, believe it or not.

Tuesday, July 16
I made split pea and ham soup this morning (thank you leftovers!) but that doesn't make up for having a missing camera. Thakfully, Barren stepped up to the plate and loaned me his twin so that I could get my work done today.

For some reason I feel surly. Could be the heat, could be the missing camera, could be, you know, women. Who knows?

And I'm going to try really hard to cut down on my usage of the word 'anyway.' This is in direct response to having led off four sentences with it on Friday.
I honestly looked back and considered that, for your information.

I ought to be bringing up my latest SWEF baggage and maybe mention that I'm getting nervous about calling Shelly this week.
Yes, Virginia, I am dumb.

I could bitch about all that and more, but I gotta head off to an evening of schmoozing at the Business After Hours. I'm sure your life is all the more empty for this cursory end to my ravings.

Monday, July 15
So, I'm still looking for the camera.

I've finally become one of the bad guys, officially. And while Lord Sweetness doesn't sound very bad, trust me he is. In celebration I made ham for the gang. Ham, my friends is good. Fixins are also good, and the indominitable Invisible Pete does them very very well. I may have to make a habit out of the Sunday night gatherings.

Not much else new. Waiting for the car. Working. You know how it is.

Another lovely weekend. I have interesting things to say, but they will come later in the day.

As for now, I am in dire straits because I cannot find my camera, which I need to shoot photos tomorrow morning. I suspect that I may have left it at someone's home during one of the many festivities that have been held over the last two weeks, so give a look around your living space and let me know if it turns up.

The other important thing is that Psycho Ninja has reasserted his status as the laziest blogger. I figure he'll hold it again for a few weeks.

Friday, July 12
I mean it.

Stop being assy, Blogger.

Today is not nearly so interesting as yesterday, for some reason. I just did some work, at some lunch and bought some Alton Brown cookbook.

Oddly enough, keeping up with the car thing, I find it odd that my parents were very happy with the idea of me buying the car, while all my friends think I'm nuts. Perplexing, I think.

Anyway, I'm thinking I will sacrifice my weekends throughout August and early September temping at OTC to pull down a quick $1500 or so that should tide me over until the big bucks (or any for that matter) start rolling in. We're selling a fuckton of quarter-page ads, which is better than not selling any, but I had hoped that some people would want to buy something a little more prominent. Sure, it's money, but it won't pay the bills for long. We need a few folks to step up to the plate and buy inside color pages, and then all will be well. Oddly enough, the industry we figured would be unable to resist buying ads, the medical insurers/hospitals, have been the ones to stay the furthest away.

Anyway, I'm happy because I found a site which is putting up live mp3s of the holy ones, Jawbreaker. Occasionally I forget that Blake Schwarzenbach is a god, and this sort of stuff sort of gives me a kick in the pants on that issue. Anyway, A. Lo should take a listen, since Blake would have been one of the great hardcore singers, had Jawbreaker been a hardcore band, that is. Yeah.

Anyway, my weekend is totally empty. It was supposed to be jam-packed, but that's all off now. Maybe I'll get some work done. Maybe I'll call some girl and ask her to watch a movie.

But I'll probably just play Warcraft III all day.

Thursday, July 11
Kill me now.

I bought a new car this morning. I mean a brand-new-on-it's-way-to-the-dealer-from-the-factory-as-we-speak new car. I think I'm hyperventilating. Why on earth would anyone give me that kind of credit? Are they stupid or something?

I went and looked at it (2003 Toyota Corolla LE, silver) and thought to myself, "Boy Plinko, even a motherfucking hateful motherfucker like yourself might actually be happy for a few minutes with a nice new car like that." Of course, there's NO WAY anyone would be foolish enough to give me the necessary credit to purchase the vehicle. So, I went through the motions, expecting to be turned down and go on with my life of hopeless bleak despair. Naturally I had a heart attack when they approved everything, despite the fact that I have no discernable income and own 40% of a business that has yet to show a profit.
Welcome to what's wrong with American business today.
I suppose Barren's brother Andy got to buy a new truck immediately after declaring bankruptcy and starting his own business, so why not the jaded one?

So, yeah. when they take delivery next week on it, I go to pick it up and pay almost all the money I have left for it. Then I have to go get it insured, get plates, etc. Does the phrase, 'hemhorraging money' mean anything to you all?

In related news, I'm seeking part-time employment. I might go back to the video store. Tomorrow I have an appointment at Landmark Staffing to learn about becoming a slave in my part time for six weeks in order to get much-needed funds, that job would pay a lot and be somewhat professional but also take up all my free time for that time period. I am considering calling Initial up and going back to security part-time while I await the bags of money that should be arriving shortly after Lake Winnebago B2B is established.

Breathe boy, breathe.

Yeah, so in other, non freaked out me news, I went out with my friend Sara and her brother Jon last night. I like the gossiping, and I had a lot to drink, which I could also use right now. We watched American Idol before we hit the bars, in case you were wondering. I wish I could think of more interesting things to say about it, but even I get tired of talking about my love-free existence sometimes.

Well, not really.

Tuesday, July 9
Dave is home and has posted, so it falls to Uncle Phil Bob, whose blog is more of a concept blog than a diary/journal (which is what the other blogs I read are, more or less).

I'm hungry.

I have a tie on.

Oh, and I'm getting an air conditioner today.

Woo to the muh' fuggin' hoo!

Monday, July 8
Well, I am once again without a car. The Neon had a little belt problem which would cost, say, $1000 to fix. That's in addition to $1,500 or so for the transmission, $200 for the exhaust system. And then there's the optional $1,000 to fix the a/c. So, I gave it back to Abraxis and I'm gonna let him decide what to do with it. As for me, I'm still thinking.

I shall strongly consider getting a part time job, in order to pay for a vehicle. I do have lots of time on my hands now, though my schedule is rather inflexible at times and whatnot.
That and I'm still missing oodles of money from Gannett and the government. I feel like an accounting scandal onto myself.

I want to cook a big ol' lasanga, but it's so hot in my apartment that turning the oven on would likely set the kitchen cabinetry aflame. So maybe tomorrow.

Saturday, July 6
Okay, see, this motivation thing is working, I tell you!

The ignomious title now falls on Toss, who has a decent excuse, he's on his honeymoon. UPB is on deck, just a warning.

So I bought Warcraft III and it's pretty sweet so far. As with all their (Blizzard's) other (RTS) games, I wish you could adjust the difficulty of the PC when you play custom maps, because it's not fun to try to learn the strategies when you get totally smoked every time. Meanwhile, as usual, the campaign mode is slow going and easy for now.

So, the Neon died on me yesterday. I'm hoping to baby it to the mechanic soon. I'm also hoping that I have enough moolah to pay for the damages.

You know, the problem with hating everyone is that people can really do or say whatever they want and risk nothing. After all, what's the threat? That I won't hate them?
Case closed.

The SWEF called me so I'd listen to her complain for an hour or so about miscellaneous crap. I hate that, just so you know.

Speaking of the source of all evil, and by that I mean women, I've had no less than three people tell me during the last week that they know someone they wish to 'set me up with.'
All I can say is, I'll believe it when I see it.

I've also been on a movie watching kick lately. Some were good, some bad. Gosford Park and Minority Report were good. Life As a House was okay. Metropolis (anime) and A.I. were bad. Now I'm going to hop around making the peepee face until the Royal Tannenbaums comes out Tuesday. Weeeeeeeeeeee.

Thursday, July 4
Well, the beard experiment ends as soon as I'm done with this post, 13 days afer it first began. I sorta liked it, but lacking compelling reasons to keep it, it's time for it to go.

Being as it is, the anniversary of our nation's birth, I've done some dishes and played some Neverwinter Nights.

Being as it also is the anniversary Mr. A. Lo.'s birth, I found a lovely comic to put up in his honor. Tomorrow night I we'll celebrate his glorious increase in age at the P as well. As for today, it's off to the Jones' home for some pre-fireworks action this afternoon and then god-only-knows what for the rest of this holiday.

Since I'm in a linky-pictury mood, I'll post the last (and only) photo of the grizzled, bearded Plinko for those of you who missed it. I'm actually only putting this up because someone asked for one and I figured I'd indulge all my adoring fans while I was at it.

Go to town.

Oh, and I forgot to note that Psycho Ninja updated his site shortly after I brought up that he was leading the longest time since updating their blog contest (read: he was the biggest loser). Well, that leaves Little Zebby as the worst, having been 'away' since June 21. Just keeping you posted. On posting. You know.

Wednesday, July 3
This is unendingly hilarious.

If you search on Google for 'god hates jet skis' I am NUMBAH ONE!

Well its about time I got one of those of my very own.

Let me say again:

The magazine is out!

I'll have some copies with me tonight, assuming I make it to the P this evening, that is.

I have some work to get done today, but not so much, since I will be around all the long weekend, whilst Sean takes off for the holiday. So I can do a lot of it when I'm bored this weekend.
Speaking of this weekend, what's up for the big man's 31st?

Anyway, I'm excited because the long-awaited Jawbreaker rarities/b-sides album is finally coming out. As they're my favorite band, evar, Jawbreaker has been kinda disappointing in not putting anything out since my senior year of high school. Yeah, give me more excuses about not being together anymore. Blah.

Anyway, maybe this will slow the rise of the still-active Dismemberment Plan to the top spot.
Yes I know they're already in the top spot at left, but that's in alphabetical order, kay?

I'm thinking of adding a new feature, one in which I ridicule the blog that has gone longest without updating. But dear Psycho Ninja would make it oh-so-boring, since he has held the position of shame for about three weeks now. Don't even tell me you have anything to do that keeps you from posting.
Stupid high schoolers!

You'll notice that I'm doing a good job of keeping the post-size down. Apparently some people are either too slow or lazy to spend five minutes reading a page instead of one. You all are obivously not slacking off at work properly.

Tuesday, July 2
I picked up the magazine overrun just now, it looks good and I'm very happy to have it. People might get it in the mail tomorrow, which is a relief. The new web site is up and running as well, if anyone is interested.

I'm still growing the beard, but I can't decide if I really like it or not.

I do like Neverwinter Nights. That and I'm hungry.

Monday, July 1
Okay, Ron. I hate summer, too.

I really should have been posting more, but I think I'm sweating out any interesting stuff I might have to say.
Not that it's ever stopped me before.

Anyway, I have a lot of writing work to do this week, our next deadline is very short (especially since I had a week off where I got nothing done). But two of my stories are tech related stuff, so I'll have it easy.
Also, the mag is taking even longer than expected to come out, it'll get to people on Friday which is so incredibly late it's almost early. The printers are in danger of losing our account in a hurry if this keeps up.

Anyway, I hear the temperature is supposed to fall into the frigid mid-eighties for the rest of the week, booyah.