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Friday, May 31
Well, I might as well keep up the daily thing. You know, to tease you until I go back to weekly postings. I wonder if anyone will visit after ten days or so because "that Plinko doesn't update very often" and be surprised to see all this. But if they did, would they really care? There's that and the fact that my Tuesday post will end up being larger than the next five or six combined anyway.

Well, back on the track of things-you-want-to-read about: I'm evaluating car options. I'll let you know what the final decision is. I've also made my first two solo sales calls. I think they went vary well. Our rates are pretty cheap and the prototype looks very professional. If you see me in person I'll show it to you. So I think that's been going well. However, other than selling, I've been quite lazy the last few days. I like to blame the stress of sales, but really I'm a worthless slug.

I got my haircut again and other than that I'm pretty normal (for me). I may have two new blogs [edit] of other people [/edit] over on the navigation bar for you soon, but I'm giving them time to develop before I expose them to the volume of traffic that this site seems to send people.

Yes, it's true that I live in an alternate reality, so deal with it.

Thursday, May 30
Look at me, three days in a row!

Anyway, I got my prototypes and I think they look pretty good. We've even done some ad sales and I think we're going to do pretty well, even if I suck at selling ads myself.

The bad news is that my car is dead, for real this time. I thought it was working again last week but shortly after that the car started overheating extremely quickly every time I drove it. It's now at the shop, awaiting final diagnosis. The downer is that this is the worst possible time for it to die, since I have no income I can't get a loan to buy a car and I don't have enough money available to just go out and buy one. So in the meantime I'm borrowing my sick mother's car and hoping that we sell enough ads that I can muster enough cash to buy a car before she recovers and goes back to work.

In other news, John Buccigross is the worst writer, ever.

Wednesday, May 29
In other news, the prototype came in this morning. I'll get my grubby little hands on it soon enough. That means I have to do the toughest thing in the world, which is sell stuff. I am probably the world's worst salesman, so I can't wait for our contract ad rep to start helping us out.

That, and I forgot to mention that I got a cell phone on Friday. This is a momentous occasion because now I am reachable all the time, which would suck if anyone ever actually called me. Oh well. If for some ungodly reason (probably out of curiosity or something) you want the number, drop me a line. I am not so stupid as to post the number where any kite-wielding muppetfucker could get their hands on it and annoy me at all hours of the night talking about pudding pops. In the meantime I'll just carry around and enjoy it not ringing.

Tuesday, May 28
Considering the density of things that I've been doing over the last week, I can hardly believe that I have to post all of it here today in one big old post.
Usually when that happens I end up creating either one monolithic post that no one wants to finish or I end up ommitting half the interesting stuff. The latter choice sounds good, but I hate to just throw away perfectly interesting anecdotes when I post useless crap on a regular basis.

Anyway, the most-important thing, website-wise, its that the archive page is updated again. I hadn't realized that I last updated it in October. So, if you missed anything interesting (like the lists at the end of December, for example) you can go and read it in all it's thinly-veiled anger there.

I also put some new pictures in the image directory that some of you may know how to find. In doing so I was forced to delete all my pictures of my forensics kids off the site, but I doubt if any of you will miss them. Anyway, you'll find the new pics appropriately interspersed throughout the post, so get your click on, if you will.

Anyway. I shall start with last week Tuesday, after my last post. That night I went drinking with my friend Sara for her 21st birthday. A good time was had, until my evil, evil ex- showed up. Basically, we were bar-hopping and Miss V.G. finally decided to tell me that she (the evil, evil ex-) would be there, at any moment, and that I was certainly not allowed to leave the party. So I started drinking more heavily and talked to other people for the most part. I avoided all but a little of her rudeness, so it wasn't that bad, I guess.
The night ended, as such nights tend to, with the birthday girl violently ill. Only slightly unusual this time around was that the birthday girl was violently ill — all over the floor at the French Quarter. I, on the other hand, was well within my tolerance for liquor. Which I certainly can't say about the Saturday night.

Anyway, the most of the rest of my weekdays were uneventful. I worked, slacked, then worked again. I went out with Mr. Abraxis for some sushi and beer, and ditch Mr. Barren on his own birthday (more his choice than anything, honest!). Talked to the SWEF a bit, went out on the boat with Barren and Moon on Friday, etc.

Saturday I did make my trip to Madison. I was very worried about how it all would go, since I nearly canned the whole thing several times and kept changing the dates on people. But, in the end, it was a verifiable time of excellence which I doubt will be surpassed in the near future. It even contained stories worthy of posting about here, some of which are more than embarrassing to yours truly while others are simply cool.

First off I visited some friends, Russ and Sarah, who went off and got married and now live in Stoughton. I hadn't seen them since well before their wedding and it was very nice to catch up with them. For a while I was worried that there wasn't much to talk about, but we kept finding things and I had a very good time.

Then I drove in to town and hung out with my two-time roommate and best-friend from high-school Nick. Nick made me some cds and we went out for more sushi and then some ice cream. I met some of his friends, who were quite cool and we made lots of bad jokes about body parts and whatnot. It was just like old times, which was very cool since I hadn't spent much time with Nick since, say, junior year of college.

After that I caught up with Mr. Underwood, another former college roommate who now slaves away at the Madison Concourse Hotel. We met up with several lovely ladies that he knows at the Come Back Inn downtown and proceeded to get rocked by alcohol. I enjoyed it quite thoroughly. We were doing quite well until two wasted former fratboys wearing some kind of pokey straw hats sat next to us and proceed to act in the most annoying ways they could think of. So, being drunk and flirty as I was, I started offering one of the girls (the one I thought was hottest) cash money to hit the more annoying of the two. Details aside (some of which are forever lost in the drunk haze) she ended up taking 10 American dollars from me to smack the guy and knock the annoying fucking hat off his head. She then, in all her underaged foolishness, used the funds to purchase shots of tequila for everyone. Somehow, thorugh the miracles of drunkeness, I ended up having two of said tequila shots and then, thankfully, it was bartime.
We walked home and at about the time we reached Dave's porch, I realized that my brain was no longer in contect with reality. It had been, in fact bushwhacked and carried off to some land of dizzy sickness that I could scarcely remember from my first fateful year of college. I spent some quality vomit time with the toilet and shuddered the night, most of the morning, and some of Sunday afternoon on the couch while suffering from my second-worst hangover, ever.

When I finally came to, I called another of my Sarah friends to hang out and go shopping, etc. I was worried most about how this part of the weekend would go, considering that Miss Z. lived, until a week ago, with my evil, evil ex-. But, I was determined and toughed out the headache to head out to the mall.
We did, in fact, have a super time. I spent a lot of money on clothes (I hate you, Banana Republic) and listened to Sarah bitch about Christine quite a bit, and then we analyzed her )Christine's) many personality issues. But eventually we got off the topic — as I don't like being solely an outlet for Christine's associates to complain about her — and had more fun. We traipsed about town looking for the supposed "World's Largest Brat Fry", which we eventually found, and hung out there for a bit. I took a pic of Sarah eating in front of the giant brat grill owned by Johnsonville, I hope you enjoy it. After that we bought some wine and then watched The Others with her boyfriend and ate some Chinese food. I liked the movie, I liked the Chinese food. We then chatted for an hour or two and then I headed home, content that I had somehow had a good time all weekend.

Monday, in addition to Memorial Day, as also Miss Stephanie's birthday so a party was held for her as well as Mr. Ron's gradumatation. The theme for this party was white-trash, so you can imagine what that looked like. I had a good time, and managed to keep my alcohol consumption well-within acceptable guidelines. I brought the camera with me here as well and snapped a few worthy fotos. In the two I decided to post you can see how Mr. Ron and Mr. Atom decked themselves out for the festivites. You may notice that while A-Lo looks funny and odd in his getup, V-O looks pretty much normal.
Kinda makes you wonder.

Anyway, that's about it. The car needs to return to the shop. I have a lot of work to do and this post is already well over the length where anyone will actually finish it. But, for those of you who cheated and scrolled down to the end just to see what's here, I do have a present. You see, Russ (of the aforementioned Stoughton couple) found an old wallet of mine in his car a few months ago. In it were some funny/scary old things, including the tidy sum of $132 and this. I hope you enjoy it. I consider it my finest work of performance art, so laugh your ass off at my expense.


Tuesday, May 21
Well, I still hate you.
But now I hate you with news.

I was ready to have a funeral for my car today. It died not once, but twice on the 44/41 overpass. So I drove it to my mechanic and borrowed my mother's car for the rest of the day. I was trying to decide how I would get around town from now on, figuring that this was the last straw for the Tempo. But, thanks to some minor, inexpensive miracles worked by "Uncle" Norm Binder at Binder Auto Service, the little bugger is running quite well. All that for less than $60.

I worked quite a bit on my articles today. I hope to be able to get the Kmart story done completely by Friday and the health care story mostly done by then. While I was down in Fondy I checked out the wares at the soon-to-be-closed Kmart and let me tell you I can see why the chain went bankrupt. All they sell is crap. Piled from floor to ceiling on crappy shelves on crappy floors and sold to you with crappy registers is some total junk. There was a time when Kmart was sort of it as far as discount retailing went. God only knows how and when they fell off but they did it hardcore.

I've been getting an odd gaming urge lately. I want something different. Something fast-paced and maybe a little mindless, relaxing. In other words, I'm thinking of getting a console system. The price drops make them a bit more attractive. Of course, there's the issue of not having a decent television to play them on, but that's another story. CS and DoD are too stressful for me to think of as recreation so much as an addiction. Freedom Force is too slow and Jedi Knight II to annoying, DAoC is slow on an entirely different plane. So we'll see if I break down anytime soon.

Well, Memorial Day weekend is coming and I am planning on spending at least part of it in Madison. That idea was actually in jeopardy earlier today when I was auto-less, but now it seems all is well and good. I just need to get in contact with the place I'm planning on staying. If that falls through I'll be banking on Moon's obession with my good looks for a place to crash … don't ask.

As for tonight, a pal turns 21 today and so I am going to go out and help her discover the evils of alcohol so that she forever drinks in moderation. That's about that.

I hate you.

Monday, May 20
I went out on a pontoon boat today to shoot some fotos for the magazine and let me tell you, mister, it's frickin' freezing out there.

Anyway, I had a nice weekend come out of what I thought was going to be a very boring one. I told you about our nice little cookout on Saturday. Well, on Sunday Abraxis, Barren, Moon and I went to eat on some high-falootin' establishment in Ripon. I spent a ton of money and came away feeling as if I were going to burst. Not much else going on. I need to finish planning my weekend trip to Madison and uhhh. . . some stuff. Right.

Sunday, May 19
Well. This is a boring day.

The forensics banquet went well. I didn't forget too many things, so I'm happy with that. A lot of kids were surprised that I wasn't coming back, but a lot of them had already guessed, so it wasn't too hard for them to take. Yeah, some of them will actually miss me, believe it or not. I'm sure that's some kind of first, but I don't feel like checking the records.

There isn't much other news. I went to Waupaca Saturday to grill out with some friends who work at Krause Publications out in Iola. I had a good time. I really like rural Wisconsin in the summer. It's nice and peaceful.

Wednesday, May 15
I've been busy, so sue me.

No, really, I have been. I've even been working. Unlike some people I know.

Anyway, I was working a lot for the express purpose of getting our prototype issue down to the printer today, which we did. Let me tell you now that there is far more work involved in developing a magazine than you might think, even a rinky-dink operation like our takes hundreds of hours of planning and design and we still haven't really written anything yet. But now the little cash cow is at the printers, and in about a week you'll be able to see what my hateful mind has developed. The sad thing is how much more work it needs. I get tired just thinking about it.

But I'm going to be taking it easy for the next few days to make up for the harried pace of the last few. Tomorrow is the forensics banquet and I have a lot to do for that still. I have a program to make and speeches to write, letter points to compile, stew to cook and soda to purchase. I think you're all tired of my regular ravings about being sad about the end of my coaching career, so I'll let you use your imagination.

After that I'm gnna be lazy for a few days and then get on my two stories for the first issue. I still haven't really started the Kmart thing yet, and I have another one on health care to do as well. Go me.

I've been doing a fair job of not videogaming this week. But that's mostly due to an excess of work, so we'll see how I keep up. I'd much rather spend time with the ladies, but I might be better off doing things I'm good at.

Lastly, tonight is Star Wars II. I can only hope it doesn't suck as much as the reviews would lead me to believe.

Friday, May 10
So, how've you been?

I think I have a few things to talk about, so pull up a chair and read a bit. I'll try to keep it short, and maybe even interesting.
The magazine is coming along, slowly. I have my first story assignment. I think I also may have gotten verbal agreement from someone to buy an ad, all of which are fairly monumental things. I need to finish editing my column for the prototype. I designed our cover style and finished the inside templates as well. Now I need to make some house ads to sell advertising with and we will be ready to print our prototype issue. I hope that we'll have the first issue out sometime in June, I'll keep you posted.

I've been keeping ideas for the geek magazine rolling around in my head, but I don't know if there's any way I'll be able to put together and issue before OshCon in September, so I might save that for this winter. We'll see how my time goes with the B2B magazine first.

I went to my first Business After Hours last night. It was kind of cool, seeing as we're Chamber of Commerce members now. Mostly you have free beer and food while you chat with a bunch of other business people. I got to meet a few folks, but mostly I hung around with people I already knew. I did, oddly enough, run into (my ex-) Christine's mother. I talked to her for a bit and caught up. It reminds me how much I miss the farm, since its spring and there are lambs and kids and calves and kittens all over the place right now and I used to love spending time out there, playing with said baby animals. By the way, kids (the youthful goats) are actually cuter and more playful than lambs, which do taste better than baby goats when you butcher and cook them. Trust me on this.
God, it's great being a meat-eater.

Apparently, DoD 2.1 is out.We'll see if they fixed the stuff that I thought needed fixing.

So, tonight I'm going to see West's production of M*A*S*H. I'm sure it will suck, it is, after all, a high school production. I am going with the SWEF and some thug who wants to date her. She tells me how much she can't stand him, but apparently she's having trouble communicating her lack of interest. Nothing a swift kick in the hummina-humminas wouldn't cure, but for all her evils, she can be a wuss about that sort of stuff. I also have to help her with her grad paper, go out to eat and then probably have a drink before I embark on my usual Friday night P's adventure. So I'm sure I'll be in a peachy mood.

Saturday I'm working on my story in Fondy. It's about the closing Kmart store. Don't get too excited. Then that night we're having a party for the Northwestern's photographer Shu-Ling. Apparently that intern photographer, whom I am well-known to be attracted to, will be there. Now I have to deal with the pressure of that, since everyone there will expect me to 'move the first move' (inside joke, but not much of one). I didn't get a chance to do that before I left the Northwestern, since my unexpectedly swift and unceremonious exit from the premises last week. So, now I get to have five or six people bothering me to ask her out, which will not be cool. Not, I tell you, not.
Sunday will be laundry day.
Then, another jovial week in the life of a small business owner.

I can't get used to it either.

Tuesday, May 7
Well, I realized that I've been putting off the template update for a long time, but then out of nowhere I went and updated my work link, even though no one ever has clicked on it. SO I decided to stop being a jerk and added more blogs to the list at your left. Many of these people had links to my site on theirs, and yet graciously didn't crack my skull in for not reciprocating (note: not an invitation to crack my skull, folks).

Yes, I realize that I'm sounding nice again. Do not get used to it.

Whew. Well, I suppose since my life has been a whirlwind lately, I should keep all y'all informed.

I know I've seen most of this site's readers lately, but just in case, let me fill you in a bit, briefly.

I resigned from the Northwestern Wednesday and got fired Thursday, basically they didn't accept my two weeks notice because they figured that I was quitting to work for a 'competing' business (which was, really, true). So I packed up my stuff, said my goodbyes and left daily newspaper journalism behind. On Friday I had a little party with my former coworkers and thats about that. I am going to become a partner in a startup regional business magazine. You may have noticed that my work link to the left is changed.

I've actually been fairly busy so far getting the whole thing together. I'm excited and scared, to quote my favorite musical (and nice is different than good). We're getting ready for an advertising prototype to go to the printers at the end of the week and a first issue sometime in June. I am officially the Associate Editor, and Sean Fitzgerald, my partner is giving me 40% of the business ownership as payment for coming on. My new job entails writing, editing, design, schmoozing and selling ads. I'm really scared of the last part. I am not much of a salesperson. But I will make it somehow. I just know it!

So in other news, the whole magazine startup idea has pushed me to do something I've always wanted to do and start a hobby magazine for geek stuff. I'm already fleshing out ideas and talking to people. I hope that Winnebago B2B is successful in time for me to be able to fund the first issue so it would come out in September.

Now, I'm feeling distinctly unbitter at the moment, so you'll just have to deal. This is all too much for me to really break out hate of any kind. Rest assured the hate farm is still operational. It's just taking a short, but well deserved, vacation.


Thursday, May 2
Well, my career at the Northwestern is over. It was a little quicker than I expected. I turned in my resignation and they didn't accept my two weeks notice, so I'm done for good as of this morning.

Oh well. I may well be eligible for unemployment for a bit, so that's nice. Its a good thing I've been saving money lately, so I can go a few months without getting paid and still maintain my rock star lifestyle. I sort of expected things to go this way, but its still pretty much all I'm thinking about.

Wednesday, May 1
Good morning. I am going to take a shower, go pick up my laundry that I left in the dryer at my parent's house, pay some bills and then go in to work and quit my job.