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Sunday, February 24
Oh, and I owe props to the following people:

BoogieQ - The exception to the Hate.
Craig - World's Greatest Bartender.
Pyro- Had fun at his birthday shindig Friday.
V-O - for hooking a little nobody berserker up with some fine equipment.
Barren- For giving this overworked Price is Right pricing game some hope to find a new job.

If I think of any others I'll let all y'all be knowin.

Ahhh sleep.

Well, what's news? I just had the crappiest week I've had in months. Forensics, work, personal stuff … it's all been pretty sucky all in the same week. The only ray of good news is that I got a response from EAA regarding the job I applied for. They sent me three tests which I need to work on today or tomorrow. I think they're pretty cool, but I have no time whatsoever to actually give them full attention because I'm at work or forensics all the damn time. Somehow they will be accomplished though.

So work has ben the blow lately. I wish I could truly explain why it has been but I think I've done an acceptable job of villifying my workplace here anyway, so you understand; but this little tale will surely enhance that image.
At work, our presstime is usually around 11:45, which is insanely early for a morning daily. Most people's shifts are scheduled to go until 10:30, bur we also happen to have our last news page scheduled to be sent to press at 10:45 (sports has the later times). That means that someone has to stay and finish the lottery page, send it, and then wait for confirmation from the press crew that all the pages are there and ok, and we don't get paid overtime, so you figure it out how much anyone wants to stay.
Well, I bitched the other day to the managing editor that I was tired of getting shafted by having to stay all the time, especially since with my split shifts I actually have about nine hours in when everyone else puts in eight when 10:30 rolls around and having to stay another 45 minutes or so is pretty rude. So my boss decided to assign days that people have to stay for the lottery page. I get Sunday and Friday, which sucks because the only day I have to get up early is Saturday because of forensics. So I ask someone else to switch with me for Wednesday. They agree and that's that. But the first week, she decides she doesn't want to stay on Friday, so I have to. Now, since I needed to get up at 5 a.m. the next morning I conned an intern into staying for me and l got to leave at 10:30 (I forgot to mention that on Friday's I can get done at 10 instead of 10:30 too, so staying on Friday is extra sucky for me). Then the next week I stay on Sunday, no problem. But then on Monday and Tuesday, my boss, whose days it is to stay, leaves at 10:30, leaving me to do it because I'm the only person left at work. I do it again on Wednesday as I always do, then I have Thursday off, which is my usual half a weekend, then on Friday, I come in early so I can get done at 10, when the same chick decided, as I'm leaving, that she isn't staying (even though I stayed on her day already) so I have to do it or find someone else. So, pissed off since I was packed up to go, my work done and it's only 10:00, I tell the managing editor that I'm leaving and someone else will have to stay since the person who was supposed to stay left and I already did it four times this week, which pisses off the part-timers who are left and get stuck, but I decide not to care because it's not my fault.
Now, as you can tell I'm still pissed about it. I'm giving it a 50-50 chance that there will be fallout this week, and I am not going to be happy about it, not one iota.

Is it any wonder I hate you?

Well, I also took a load of new pics this week, and I'll download them, edit them and upload them soon enough. I think I've found alternate hosting for my forensics pics for a while so I can put more up. You see, I've already maxed out the 5 MB I have for space so far with the ones from last week.

Thursday, February 21
I've been practicing because I lost a bet with my students. I told them if they scored a certain number of points at a forensics meet that I would do my high school forensics piece for them at out meeting today. Well, they went out and scored exactly the points they needed. So I've been brushing up on my Congo. If you don't know what I'm talking about, think about Dead Poets Society, you remember the scene where they all march around chanting 'THEN I SAW THE CONGO CREEPING THROUGH THE BLACK, CUTTING THROUGH THE FOREST WITH A GOLDEN TRACK?" over and over again? Well this is the poem from which those lines come. I think I'll do it well enough, but I am reportedly going to have a large audience, so I can't disappoint. This is my chance to remind them of why I know what I'm talking about, why we've won so much over the last 10 years.

In other news, I'm totally getting more and more into DoD. I wrote about it a bit in my last column, which our executive editor told me he really liked. Too bad the only thing I do that gets decent praise is the thing I do for free. . .

If I think of anything else mean or otherwise bitter to say, I'll let you know right away.

Monday, February 18
You, sir, are a no-talent assclown.

So I've been pretty surly lately, which may or may not mean you're happy that I haven't been posting much lately. Well, the good news is there are only two weeks left in the forensics (regular) season, so I may well be happier in the near future. Speaking of forensics, we won our tournament Saturday, which makes me happy. I took a lot of pictures of the kids, so if you ever wonder what the freaky kids that get coached by Plinko look like, go here.

I applied for a job at EAA, again. It just reminds me how badly I desire to work somewhere which is not the Northwestern. I have another possibility on the horizon which would allow me to stay in Oshkosh and still not work for the Northwestern, so we'll see how that goes.

Not much other news.

I hate you.

Thursday, February 7
Okay, don't hate me because I haven't posted, it's not like I hate you or anything. . .

Anyway, there's too much to say here. More than I could possibly remember much less have the time to type. That's what happens when two weeks go by without a post from moi.

Major news: I bought a digital camera, I still haven't bought a new car yet, the forensics team is doing fine, I still work at the Northwestern, my friend and I have made up over the car thing (I think) and TBCS 16 is this weekend, though I am not going, been paying a lot of DAoC and CS, and now DoD 2.0 came out. . . no wonder I never post.