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Tuesday, October 30
Well, suck me beautiful.

I don't like being cut off from the world. So I just had to go over to Barren's and get back in tough with das Uberweb, if only for a short time. I don't know how long it will be before I have internet access at home again.

My move is coming along well, for those of you who care. I should finish tomorrow night. Then I just have to clean up a bit, err. . . a lot. I like my new apartment, except it smells a little funny. I remember having an apartment in college that smelled kinda like this new one does, but I don't remember if it just aired out after a while or if I just got used to it.
Irregardless, I'll be having a little party soon enough. I'll let people in on that when the time comes.

No other news, really. So be glad you got this much.

Friday, October 26
I was very very grumpy at work tonight. Mostly because we were understaffed and I couldn't get any work done because the print plant was calling me every five minutes or so with some problem or another. The up side is that I got 1.5 hours of overtime for my trouble. Not that it's that much consolation.

So, I know you've been just dying from the suspense about my job. Well, it's over. I officially started Tuesday, meaning the promises of back pay were just as I knew they would be — empty. I got my raise, the absoulte minimum, of course. No suprise there. My pay went up 30% and my stress went up 100%, thanks for leaving Jana.

I actually started packing stuff up today. I'm noticing that the Beefinator has an awful lot of junk lying everywhere (seems like the only thing he took with him was all the toilet paper. . .). I don't know how long this is going to take me, but it better be less than five days, or else I'm in trouble.

Just so you know, I laughed my ass off when I ready today's comic. 'Get Fuzzy' is really, really good, especially if you have pets. I almost sent Bucky's line to Abraxis for him to use as a Lesbian Pimp quote, but I decided to be selfish.

Monday, October 22
Well. Moving is coming along much more slowly than I had anticipated. Really, I've done nothing but get the utilities hooked up at the new place and straightened up my current hole a bit.

Other news is pretty bland. I'm hurting physically from playing football Saturday morning. People my size aren't meant to play contact sports, I swear.

You know, Top Gun really is a lame movie. I never realized it until we watched it last night. Man is it lame. Whew.

I guess that's about it.

Friday, October 19
I hope all the comics I choose won't be so overtly political. But for now, this is what makes me laugh. I could go into a lengthy diatribe on exactly why this is, from a critical perspective on comic theory, tendensiousness and the philosophy of laughter, but you'd probably come after me with pitchforks.

In case you were riveted to your chair waiting to find out about my job well … keep waiting.

Yesterday I had a chat with the managing editor, in which I voiced my displeasure. I was assured that the paperwork: A. Had to be done by Monday because that's when two people come in to do my two old jobs and B. There wasn't much left to do. Honest. He also assured me that I was in line for a 'substantial' raise. That made me feel okay, until I heard his idea of an unsubstantial raise was $0.05. That leaves a fairly wide area for 'substantial,' don't you think?

Well, before I go on digging the comedy goldmine of my life, it's time to say "Happy Birthday" to my pal Dave "I don't have a web site" Ruby, who turns the big 2-4 Sunday. Now, several friends have had birthdays since the inception of this project, but you've never seen me wish any of them a happy birthday, have you?

Why? Why Dave?

Well, I'm hoping Dave is gonna pony up $300 a month to live with my crabby ass. So I gotta butter him up like a baked potato.

I went to West today to do some forensics things. I did them, oh you'd better believe I did them. That's not what I'm getting at. What I'm getting at is that the embodiment of selfish evil, whom I depend on for a lot of help with the team, is hott. This is not new, not a revelation. I've thought and almost said that here for months. But, as much as I try to deny it, I love hott evil chicks.

Yes, it has to be bold every time I type it. Hott.

Anyway, don't get confused. The girl I like and seriously need to work on is an entirely different person. The girl I like has a boy. I will personally eat my hat if I catch the black-magick woman in a serious relationship with another person. Ever. Only I am so masochistic enough to want someone so incredibly self-absorbed and live to tell the tale.
It's my curse. I must shrug my shoulders and accept my fate, even as it pulls me inexorably to my doom. The emotional black hole that is a completely self-absorbed girl grabs me with her foul gravity and draws me into the infinitely dense matter of her self-contained world until I am destroyed by it.

Then I go get some soda.

Wednesday, October 17
Oh, I tossed that comic up the other day if you didn't notice it. (If you didn't please notice it, hit yourself forcefully in the face with a shoe. Thanks.) That is an experiment that may or may not continue. Feedback is appreciated. I read a lot of comics online and I figure the odds of getting sued are fairly low. After all, no one reads this but all my friends; all of whom commit far more blatant acts of copyright infringement in one way or another. If I like it I'll set it up so it links properly to the web site of the artist or something fancy.

I taught you how to Cyclops rock and then you go and turn around and break my heart and then you go and waste my Cyclops time and I've got a Cyclops mind.

I have now officially taken possession of my new apartment. That leaves tons of work yet to be done. I haven't even begun packing yet. Just got my hairs cut. Go me.

Now it's update time. It's been six weeks since Jesse left the copy desk, and I still have not been officially given her job or even told how much I'm going to be paid. I was told I was going to get the job three weeks ago. Today marks the first day I am officially pissed off about it. Paperwork can kiss my ass. I need to plan a course of retalitory action.

I did manage to download the IL-2 demo, and it runs, unless I decide I want to actually play the game. It refuses to load maps, so I can look at the pretty planes in the gallery and even play with the menus, but I'm not allowed to fly.

Sigh. I guess they know me all too well. I deleted it and re-downloaded the demo from Barren, hoping my previous copy was merely infected with the evil of fileplanet.

I totally was going to call TDS Metrocom today and get my new apartment set up for phone and Uberweb. I've decide to give RoadRunner and it's outages and overloaded routers a big old middle finger and switch. After viewing Ameritech's DSL service, which my parents are getting Nov. 1, I decided that TDS is practically a no-brainer. Anyway, I didn't call because after I got back from getting my hairs cut, I was so entranced by having a working internet connection again (I was bored to tears last night with no internet, no cable, and no working IL-2 demo) that I plumb forgot, and you know how long those phone calls to utility companies take.

I gave some serious thought to developing a site for the forensics team. I'm actually thinking of going to a commercial developer, like NorthNet and having a UBB forum, newspro stuff and whatnot. I know people who code it for free, or at least way less $$, but either their slow or really busy, plus I'd need hosting. Besides, that's what we have a $19,000 budget for, right?

Monday, October 15
So I have a new address. I plan on moving my material goods slowly over the next few weeks, in no small part because I don't know how long it is going to be before I can get a connection to das Uberweb at the new place. Yes, I am that big of a loser.

I rented Blow today, it was alright. I did lots of laundry. Yup. That's about it.

I'm trying to download the IL-2 demo right now, but the official site's server is super-slow, so I'm waiting to see if fileplanet is any faster, but I'm still waiting in line. Yawn.

I may have found a new roommate already. I also decided that I liked a girl. That's right a girl. As I've said earlier, I'm not like Abraxis. I like the ladies. Now, I've heard that this girl is sorta taken, but only kinda-sorta. So I've got to figure out what to do about that.

Sunday, October 14
If I didn't feel so wrong, you'd be my Mr. Right. . .

I just got off my lazy bum and updated the archives page. It's current now from Feb 20 (post numbah one) to the post I made just an hour or so ago.

Yes, that's all.

Another day another dollar. I guess.

I'm signing the lease on my new apartment Monday. I'll start moving soon after that. In the meantime I guess it's high time I started cleaning up this pigsty.
Beefy already has begun moving into his new pad over at Captain's Cove, which will leave me with no one to blame the mess on. Well, except for the giant pile of his junk lying in the living room, that is.

In other news, there isn't much else for news. Tomorrow I'm off to the parent's home to do laundry and watch the Packer game with my mom. I hope she's feeling better.

I'm thinking of getting a kitten when I move. I forgot to ask if that was okay with the landlord. We'll see. It'll be lonely in that place all by myself. I'm also considering my roommate acquisition plan. Do I want one? How long before I start looking, what kind of person should I look for? The money might be worth it, but we'll see. Being alone is nice, too.

No, still no word on the raise, other than a promise made that my boss's boss would be killed if the paperwork isn't done soon. I'm okay with that.

Friday, October 12
While I'm still trying to coast on the 'good news' of a couple of days ago, there really isn't much else new or cool or interesting.

I looked at two apartments today. One was cool but too big and too expensive and would need lots of fixing, which I am not inclined to do. The other was slightly cheaper but much smaller and much nicer. The big thing was the big apartment is across the street (literally) from my job. The other one is about a mile and a half from work. My quandry really is that if I were to get a roommate, the big apartment would be better, becuase the smaller apartment is just small enough to make me want it all to myself. So, I applied for the smaller place, money be damned!

That last paragraph made me think. I hope no one confused what day I mean by 'today' in my posts. 'Today' almost invariably means the day before the one Blogger says. That's because I almost invariably post at 2 or 3 a.m., after I get home from work, check my e-mail and read some news. That means you really have to use your judgement. You can do it, I believe in you.

In other news, I still have yet to officially be promoted. I mention that because I can't dream of paying the rent at this new place (assuming my app is accepted) unless I get the raise that I assume comes with the job. My boss (who's boss is the one stalling on the paperwork) told me today that he would try to get my pay retroactive, which would be damn nice considering I have 9 hours of overtime in already this week.

The reason I have 9 hours of overtime this week is because I had 2 more tonight. I basically spent those hours trying everything in my power to get some danged ads through with no success. The paper will almost surely be delayed this coming morning because of it. On top of that, one ad never went, so there'll be a small 3" by 1" bit of white space on the problem page. I won't go into the details of how much all that sucked. Rest assured, it sucked.

In other news, my mother is very sick, she got a minor staph infection which drove her psoriasis crazy. Apparently she's getting better.

I'd tell you about my fantasy hockey team or a possible date I might have at some yet-to-be-named time and place but you already think I'm a big enough dork.

Wednesday, October 10
So my boring life marches on. I am seriously procrastinating on my apartment search. I guess I just dislike the idea of paying $400/month for any apartment.

In other news I went out to Koreana with some friends last night. It was definitely great. I think I could eat sushi every day. Well, maybe not every day.

Friday, October 5
See, you can complain that my last post was cheap, but if I hadn't done it there would be one week between posts.
Call me Mr. Prophetic.

So, what's new, you ask.

Tons, actually.
Prepare yourself, for the first time since before this 'Blog' was begun I have good news.

Today my boss took me aside and congratulated me on earning the official title of 'copy editor.'
Now, this is fairly weak for good news, I admit. After all, I've done the job more or less for months. The pay remains low by most standards. The prestige is practically nil. And worst of all, for this to happen the both the most attractive girl and my closest friend (they're two separate people) at work had to leave before I got the job, making it even less pleasant than it was before to go to work.
Official details will be worked out next week, such as pay (I'm betting on $25k, hoping for $26k) and how the hell they're going to make it work with forensics.

I hinted at some other news there. Jana, whom I consider to be my mentor at work, will go to work at the Northwestern for the last time tomorrow (Friday). This makes me pretty sad since I've learned a lot from Jana and she's a great person. I don't know who I'm going to pester with design questions from now on. I hope whomever they bring in to replace her is half as talented and easy to work with …

Now, I promised some other news to someone or another who reads this site, I think. Probably a forensics update or something. We had a meeting today. The kids are pretty unruly, I couldn't even get halfway through the forensics rules during the lunch hour at West. But, the kids seem to believe that we can win with me as coach, which is a big step, and of course I love most of them, they're really good kids.

Working on this blog reminds me I probably ought to be setting up a forensics web site. I guess that can wait until after I move since I may well be changing ISPs after the move. I still have not made any inquiries about apartments. One friend of mine thinks I ought to move to Appleton, which wouldn't be bad once forensics was over, but would be darned near impossible during those four months. So, that's that.

I need to update my template. I have new links to add, and I need to catch up with Abraxis' cool new design elements, though I plan on doing it without having Moon do it for me.