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Tuesday, July 31
Yup, looking over my last post I can totally se that I was correct in my assessment of the chances of me posting again in a timely fashion. See, 'smert' people like me notice that sort of thing, are you all paying attention out there?

So, I think I've been extremely crabby lately. I could list a veritable litany of reasons I might be crabby, but none of them are really anything different than normal, and despite what you might think of me if you only read this site (and I feel sorry for you if you do it without knowing me in person!), I am generally pretty chipper except when I criticize stuff, in which case you will suddenly realize that I don't like anything, but I seem pretty upbeat for a person who doesn't like anything.

Anything except run-on sentences, that is.

So, I watched some movies and read a boook this weekend. I also cleaned and cooked, and I made it out to AirVenture today. The convention was good, there wasn't much to see, but it was fun to motor around in the golf cart with Barren and Boogie. I think I played too much counter-strike, which may account for my crabby mood a bit (ask anyone who plays with me, videogames make me cranky). I still have done absolutely nothing about getting a second, part-time job yet. I feel somehow justified in that because I know whatever I do get will suck and make me even MORE cranky than I already am, so if you think this is bad, wait until I work another 20 hours a week.

The problem is, really, that I can't get a 'cool' part-time job doing something mindless because those jobs mainly are available in the evening, when I am busy making sure that the citizens of Oshkosh have a newspaper in the morning. I have decided that I need to go shopping. I need some new books, I finished my last unread one last night, so now I'm cranky a bit because I have nothing new to read. I also need some new clothes, I only have three or four shirts for work that are short-sleeved, and I ruin pants at an alarming rate.

So, in conclusion, you're all wankers.

Tuesday, July 24
Okay, I am in a bad mood because Blogger just saw fit to lose my last post, so now you get a shortened, humor-free version of my original typing. I'm sure your life will be lesser because of it.

News: I now get benefits at work, but no pay increase, so I need to find a part-time job. I accepted the head-coaching job for forensics at West as well, but that pays for beans and doesn't start until January. No word on moving, but I need to make a decision by August 1. I added 2 links recently, Abraxis, which keeps you up-to-date on Ben's Warhammer gaming, and Fark, a news/humor portal site that has a lot of funny/interesting news, plus very funny 'photoshop this pic' contests daily. I recommend both.
Anyway, maybe I'll post again soon to make up for this suckass post, but probably not.

Wednesday, July 18
Okay, so I've been lazy lately. I have been doing way too much nothing to sit here and update my blogger site.
You'll notice I haven't ranted much about my job situation, well it ain't any better, so don't get your hopes up. There's a decent chance I might get a slightly better job sometime in the next month and a half, but that's what I've been saying for 7 months now.
In other news, there's talk of yours truly moving soon. Some folks from work want me to move into a house with them, with a greatly-reduced rent price I'd be hard-pressed not to do it. I also would gain the added benefit of living closer to everything, which would be nice. This would not go down until September or so, so there's no hurry to make any decisions. Socially, I've been up and down. I went out to Ripon Sunday to help a sports staffer celebrate his 21st birthday, which consisted of hanging out at his place watching Charlie's Angels (the movie) and then driving out to a bar in Green Lake to get him totally drunk. It was a lot of fun, but not easy on the wallet.
Supposed to have lunch this week with a firend on whom I've had a crush since December, another friend tried to set me up with a girl he knows - probably unsuccessfully (I wasn't going along with it), and I've been talking to a new girl on ICQ with whom I might hang out Saturday night. If you're thinking that that is a lot of girl-socialization for me, you're right. I haven't seen many of my regular friends much lately, I've been working later than usual which messes up my ability to do anything. I managed to get Saturday off of work, so I might get to do actually do something, since I have a real weekend for once.
In gaming news, I beat the normal difficulty of the Diablo II expansion, which was easy, but the nightmare difficulty is exponentially harder, so I quit for now. I've been owning pretty hardcore at Chi Mayhem lately, which may be decreasing my popularity there, now with that statement I shall proceed to the sucking-streak line where I belong.
I'm hungry but too lazy to make anything, so I think I'll head off to read and then go to bed.

Saturday, July 14
So, how dumb are you?? I think I can ask that as a general question. People astound me with the dumb things they do every day!
I have made comments before, maybe here, maybe just out loud, that I consider, say, 95% of people to be pretty dumb, or worse. So, that probably includes you, just by the sheer force of numbers. Of course, I think most of my friends are not dumb, maybe it's just me that thinks so. Some are smarter than others, to be sure, but that doesn't really fit my feelings on 'dumb'. Being dumb is very much about saying and doing dumb things.
I'd list examples, but I think I do that anyway, and I don't want to minimalize the sheer number of dumb things I see every day (or step on the toes of anyone who might see this thing).
Sigh. I think most people somehow learn to shut their brains off most of the time. They never stop to think about what they're saying, never consider the consequences of thier actions. I think some people actually calculate how much they can get away with, these people are not only dumb, they're evil, too. You know who you are. I don't respect those people, worse, I don't trust them and therefore I try to minimalize my dealings with them, because their stupid actions drive me crazy. I spend a lot of time evaluating what I say and do, because of that I guess I just bristle when others so obviously don't.

So stop it, just stop.

Friday, July 13
News since I bored you last:

Interview went well but I probably won't get the job. Haircut went well. Had friends over for ribs Monday, plenty of fun. Saw Final Fantasy: TSW, plot: lame, movie: gorgeous, Aki: hot. Played basketball today, result: tired.

I spent a whole day installing Diablo II and the expansion so I could play it. I mean that almost literally. I had to install and uninstall D2 and the expansion three times to get it to run on my PC. You know how long it takes to install that game?? I was hella pissed. Now it works, but the game has major, major slowdown problems. Good thing I put out for 384 MB RAM, eh?? Well, I gotta eat my pizza and get to work.

Monday, July 9
Okay, I'm going to try to get to bed by 4 tonight. I need some sleep because I have my interview in the morning at 11. Then I have to get the length of my hair reduced via a professional scissors-user. THEN I need to get ready for the GIMPz0r gathering, for which I will be making my pork ribs. . .mmmmmmmmm. . .

I went out and bought a new monitor today. I'm so happy to finally be rid of the old 'squintvision' that I can hardly pull myself away from the majesty of the 17" Viewsonic. I was all ready to buy the 19" model from Office Depot, along with a new 30 GB hard drive and some pens, but it turns out they were out, even though they had the little slips that are supposed to represent the physical presence of the item somehwere in the store. So I told them to keep all the stuff and I continued my quest. I ran though a few other stores before settling on the 17" VS at Worst Buy. That 19", while drool-worthy, intimidated me with it's 50 lb. weight and displacement greater than my desk, so I wimped out, got the 17", and then I bought Twisted Metal: Black with some of my savings. I ended up not buying a new HD, even though I need one. . . It'll have to wait until I start rakin in the big $$ at my new job. . . assuming I get it.

That's all I have to say about that.

Sunday, July 8
New link added, to Abraxis (Ben's) page.

I have been staying up later and later every night. I figure eventually, I'll be back to going to bed at midnight or so. As for now, It's almost 6 a.m. and I'm still up. I tried going to sleep around 4, but I just wasn't sleepy. It might have something to do with the fact that I slept until 2 this afternoon, but let's pretend it doesn't okay?? I slept until 2 because I was drunk last night, and I didn't even mean to get drunk. So, I got sick, which is bad. You know, before my trip to England, I had not thrown up in almost 5 years?? (Since I had about 15 beers one night in April when I was going to college in Minneapolis). Then I get food poisoning while in Scotland in March, 2001. Then I can only go like four months before getting sick on Newcastles and shots?? Sigh. I'm losing faith in myself.

So, there is, for once. . . good news. I have an interview Monday for the web job that I had all but given up on. I'm trying to not get my hopes up, because I just know that it will either A: pay less or about the same as my current job or B: end up not being offered to me. I just get those kinds of feelings . I have little other news. I think sleepiness is finally beginning to settle in.

So, good night, sassy pants.

Friday, July 6
One of these days, I'm going to go to bed before 4 a.m. and THEN the smack will truly be laid down.

Until then, I'll just sit up and think about how late it is. Not much in they way of news. . . So. yeah.

Plinko out.

Monday, July 2
So. I have to work tonight. That's odd because it's a Monday and that's usually my day off. This scheduling quirk is due to the holiday coming up Wednesday, on which I get the day off. There's very little significance to all that, but now you know.

We had jimmyLAN this weekend. It was pretty cool. I got to meet INANE, which was cool, I got to play DoD 1.3, which was cool. I wasn't really in a videogaming mood, though. So, I actually didn't have as much fun as I thought I would have. That and I think I missed the best gaming times because I had to work Saturday night.

I finally finished Dune tonight, it was pretty cool. Much better than the David Lynch version. Of course, the plot wouldn't make much sense to you unless you'd read the book, which was okay for me since I've read it at least six or seven times. What I really wanna know is, are they gonna try the other five parts? I'd like to see that, since there are tons of unresolved issues in the plot, no matter how much they try to leave out to make the movie seem more self-contained. They kinda left the door open, not totally closing off the end, so there's hope we'll see a sequel or five.

In other news, my room is hot. It's also after 5 a.m. and I still need to go to bed. That is not good. No news on the job front. . . I guess that's not exactly news is it? Ah well, you know you love me anyway.