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Thursday, May 31
Doin' laundry an the parents' house. My sister is here too. And my cat.

Work is going to be a doozy tonight, I have the Local section again and it's big tomorrow. Trying to find someone to eat dinner with tonght, as I actually get a full dinner break for a change.

I have yet to figure out how to get my archives back on the web site. They're still on Blogger's servers, I can read them if I want, but I have yet to figure out how to get them linked from here. Whatever.

I amused myself sending a friend a poem line by line as the subject of e-mails. I got bored with it after about 10 e-mails or so. I'm not nearly as cool as I think I am.

Shut it.

Wednesday, May 30
It's Wednesday. I added a couple more sites to the link list on your left. I called the staffing agency yesterday and sent them my new resume. I hope to be working a second suckass job in a few weeks. Then the bitching will truly commence.

This just in: I'm hungry.

Monday, May 28
Go Memorial Day.

I have to work, to make up for some of my time off a couple of weeks ago. That makes my weekend dreadfully short, since I worked Friday and Saturday as well. It's a holiday, so I assume it will be rather easy.

Yesterday was fun. I went to Ben and Adam's and we grilled out. I ate a big, big steak, and it was very good. Played too much CS, and that's about it. Right now I'm making some pork chops and whatnot for lunch. Then I'm going to be lazy right up until i have to leave for work.

Nothing else new. People are dumb, etc. You knew that already.

Saturday, May 26
After four days of stupidity, Blogger finally works again. I guess I can't blame them, they provide me with this space more or less for free.

I did my first Local cover last night, and, while I guess that excites no one but me, I think it's pretty cool. Doing it was hell, though, since the photography was, well, awful, so I spent most of my evening trying to replace it and then just ended up using the original art anyway. Of course that made me horribly late with everything. Joy. Who says my job isn't stressful?? Oh well, I get to do it again Tuesday.

Sunday looks good for my canoeing trip, it may well be the only fun I get to have this Memorial Day weekend, since I hafta work. I guess I'm bowling tonight . . .

After work last night I played darts, and while I still manage to not stick a percentage of my throws, I think I'm actually halfway decent at it now. That said, we're thinking about changing darts nite to something else …
Went to Barren's after darts, and that usually isn't overly exciting, but this time it was. Apparently, Abraxis and Beefy (his roommate and mine, respectively) decided to dance and act it up to the Sir-Mix-A-Lot's novelty-rap 'Baby Got Back'. Of course, Barren got the whole thing of digital video and it's frickin' FUNNY. I mean, they're lip-syching, grinding and slapping each other silly. At one point Barren actually fell over while filiming it because he was laughing so hard. So, here's my plea: digitize that sucker and send it to me!!!!! It's hilarious. Whatever drugs they were taking, please keep them away from me because I don't ever want to do something so. . . dumb. But I would gladly laugh my ass off at it.

In less hilarious news, I am back to thinking that girls suck again. No mushy details, they just do.

Thursday, May 24
All three of you may have noticed that blogspot has been down. If you're reading this, then it must be up again.

I must say there hasn't been much news lately anyway. I've worked and worked and slept and played some games and well, that's about it. I feel dirty, I've been playing Quake 3 for the last few days. It's kinda fun, but there are just so many lame things about it, it'll never even touch Half-life.

I've been busting my you-know-what at work lately. I like that, it's better than surfing the internet all evening, but now I'm at the point where I'm doing as much work as people who make twice the money I do and get vacation and health insurance. Now, I'm sure you all are tired of me whining about my sucky job situation, but I never seem to get tired of bitching about it. The idea of getting a second part-time job has crossed my mind, but I'm just so darned lazy.

This weekend is shaping up to be a fun one, might be joining some friends for bowling after work Saturday for Barren's birthday, then we're going canoeing (provided the weather cooperates) on Sunday. Unfortunately I have to work Monday so I have but a single-day weekend. Ah well.

Tuesday, May 22
Forgot one thing, before I head off to work. I have loaded MSN messenger again, so for those of you who use it, I am Plinko16 (I was Plinko 6 but I lost the password and, well, you know). I will not have this at work like I do ICQ (50671550), so you'll never see me on it in the evenings. If I don't use it much over the next two weeks, I'll stop signing in again, so Atom, Abraxis, Beefy, etc, who shun ICQ, better try to convice me to use it, or its gone.

Gotta go in to work early today, which is fine by me. I need to make up for the days I took off last week.

I'm currently in a holding pattern about the website redesign. I want to add some graphic elements, but since Blogger hosts the site I'm not sure what to do about it. I am trying to find a way to get the archive link to work properly, but no dice so far on that, too.

I've been running the UD agent, which is a peer-to-peer research application which does cancer research on your computer in the background, similar to SETI@home. Lately its been a bear, though, its taken 16 hours to finish 3% of the current task, most tasks took about 8 to 12 hours to do the whole darned thing. Despite this puzzling development, I highly recommend that you run it if possible. I just let my PC run all day with it while I'm at work. I even started a team which you can join by clicking here.

Just in case I don't post tomorrow, happy birthday Barren. He catches up to me in the age department (but never in immaturity) tomorrow. I didn't steal your HTML when I coded the links section, by the way.

While I don't have any cool pictures on the site yet, I can link to pictures quite easily. So, I will. Here is a picture of the forensics team right after the State tournament (before the cheer!). There is a picture of the mGIMP boyz on the net somewhere, but I haven't been able to find it since PCGX redid their web site, so if anyone can find me a link, please e-mail me.

Monday, May 21
Learning learning learning. Phase 1 of my site redesign is now underway. You may have noticed that I changed templates to make the site more readable. I also figured out how to put links up, as you can see on your left. There are still more changes coming, though since I don't control the host of this site, I can't do as much as I want.

So, this was a neat couple of days. The forensics baquet was special (even though my table ate last, so we had to pick over the cold leftovers).. A lot of kids suprised me, being very appreciative of how much I helped them (of course, it was the kids who needed the least help anway!) this year, that meant a lot to me.

Friday was one of my toughest days at work, but I enjoyed myself. I still have quite a bit to learn, but I probably learned more that day than I had in the last month or two. I wish the economy would clear up a little (or at least Gannett's view of it) so I could get paid a wage that would pay my bills.

The bulk of the weekend was spent at TBCS. This was a good one, it went very smoothly, no major problems with people or hardware. I managed to enjoy playing Tribes 2 for the first time (enjoy for the first time, not play). I am still learning to use my new keyboard which is just different enough to screw me up, but otherwise everything went well. mGIMP romped up on all takers in CS, and just about every other game that was played, particularly CS, but that was expected.

In the near future I may undertake a site redesign, if I can enlist Atom or Barren into helping me steal their templates since I am an HTML dunce. I have some other neat ideas for this site that would need their help on as well. I'll keep you informed.

Those of you spelling nazis out there may have noticed my transposition of letters two posts ago (Josh). It is now fixed, okay?!? Speaking of Josh, he has started his own site, which you can visit here. If he makes any spelling or typing errors, be sure to e-mail him about it.

Friday, May 18
Quick update: the TBCS 12 video is done. Grab it here. I'll Do a real update following TBCS 13 this weekend!

Thursday, May 17
Whooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Blogger really screams with 384 MB RAM baby!!!!

Okay, it's pretty much the same. But I feel so much . . . cooler . . . having tripled my RAM for the discount prince of $85 plus Wisconsin's 5% sales tax. I also picked up a new keyboard to replace the noisy Compaq monstrosity that I have been clacking away at, broken space bar and all, for two-and-a-half years.

Gotta revive Plinko, Iron Chef Wisconsin, today as the forensics baquet is tonight and I am gonna whip up some lasagna. What's cool about lasagna, besides the fact that the word itself is just totally whacked, it's relatively complicated without being at all difficult to prepare and its darn near impossible to screw up. I have to make a lot, since I usually don't get to have any of it (there'll be about 100-150 people there and I'll make enough to serve 30 people 1 serving each).

In other news, I have been given the duty of uploading the Oshkosh Northwestern to the website now. Our system does not allow a simple interface, where I'd do something like, say, click my mouse and all the news would magically transmit to Winnepeg, where our website is maintained by members of Canada's hard-working citizenry. Right now, it involves opening a lot of Quark documents and copy-pasting a ton of stuff, saving and zipping and ftp-ing and lemme tell you, it ain't streamlined at all.
On the subject of work, hence the lack of an extra hard-return between grafs here, a new intern joined us last night, and shadowed me for a while. Lucky her, got to watch me get my page totally picked apart, when I wasn't even close to done with it yet . . . Fortunately, Mr. Passive Resistance himself managed to not be visibly upset in the slightest.
In good work news, I have today off! In other almost-as-good work news, tomorrow I start to learn to do the Local section layout. No, no, don't leap out to congratulate me . . . or care too much . . . sigh.

In case you were wondering how the whole forensics fiasco is going, proposals were sent. I don't like them, but I guess they're just points of departure in negotiations. The Northwestern's editorial board came up with a bit of support for the team, published this morning, click here to read it. (Discaimer: this link will only be good today, so if you miss it, you missed it). The Appleton P-C wrote one as well, which can be found here, but may not last more than a few more hours, (its at the bottom).

Wednesday, May 16
Whew, another tough day at work. Actually, I shouldn't complain, my job is relatively easy, I don't have to deal with bratty kids or do any heavy lifting.

No serious news, I got ribbed a lot at work for my appearance on local TV Monday night. Apparently two stations ran some footage of the forensics state tournament which included yours truly hugging kids and clapping.
Hey, now, I'm an all-star . . . riiiiiiiiiight.

I'm thinking of laying out some $$ for more RAM before TBCS this weekend, I'm always low on scratch but I've been pretty thrifty lately, and since they're practically giving it away, I just can't resist.

Got a call from an ex-girlfriend last night, had a lovely chat. Seems like something one ought to dread, but it was nice to catch up. Reminded me that I don't have a GF right now, very disappointing. But, before I go off on that, I must remember not to get too mushy, lest I make Barren uncomfortable.

Monday, May 14
Well, Blogger appears to be over the server-malaise that has run rampant this weekend. The camping trip was fun, I just relaxed and enjoyed myself.

Of course, its hard to relax because of the whole stupid forensics thing. I've spent a significant amount of my mental energy lately trying to come up with solutions. Don't know when that'll be, though. . .

Not much else to talk about. This looks to be a busy week, between forensics strategizing, the banquet Thursday, work (I get to learn to lay out the local section this week!) and TBCS this weekend, I don't know what I'm going to do with myself.

Saturday, May 12
Well, I've been meaning to update for a but, but Blogger was down. I was having problems Thursday but somehow that post miraculously made it on the site today, so that's good and all.

The paper published a story on the forensics suspension this (Friday) morning. You can read it here. Good while supplies last. Tomorrow I may get some news on how the meeting went.

I am going camping with my friends from work Saturday to Monday, and I am happy. It should be relaxing, which I could use. Tonight we played darts and, gasp, I played well for a change. My good buddy Dave and his finace Gina actually came along, which was, you know, cool. On the down side, I was supposed to get called by another friend, who bailed on me again. I hate that. I am getting into the bold and italics today did you notice?

No funny stories. Honest.

Thursday, May 10
The last few days have been pretty boring (suprise!) for me. Mostly I've been dealing with the fallout from the WFCA thing and working. The good news is that Friday our coach and West's principal have a meeting with the WFCA leaders. I hope they can get some sense to come out of this.

In other news, work is work. There are times when I love my job and other times where it's only frustration. The pendulum has ben pretty far on the frustration side lately. I'm tired of being in a position where I have no real responsibility. I e-mailed the managing editor at Kennewick, and he sent me a note saying they were waiting a few weeks yet before they started contacting people. I suppose that's good, eh?

In addition to writing an angry letter to the WFCA, I spent the last two days trying to patch up a friendship I had more or less given up on. I think I did well, we'll see what happens from here. Some mates from work want to go camping Sat-Mon, which conflicts a bit with Mother's Day. I hope I can work it out with Mutti und Oma. (that's German for mom and grandma, for you unwashed non-German speakers).

Tuesday, May 8
What, you expected me to post again in a hurry??

Hmmmm. . . well in spite of a recent spate of hackings of websites including Blizzard, Dummo, and Barren's page, Blogger has remained hack-free as far as I have seen. By the way, it appears Barren's site it down for a while, so the previously posted link to a Penny Arcade comic no longer works . . .

This weekend was pretty unexciting. Spent a little of it at work but the rest up in Jimmysland having a private LAN with the good ol boys from microGIMP and the guys from z0r, it was pretty cool but I missed most of the good gaming while I was at work. It did get me excited about TBCS 13 . . .

Tonight, I went to the grocery store at 1:30 AM, and I must say that that's about the best time to go to a grocery store, because it's totally empty. No old ladies moving their carts at 1 mph, no grossly overweight people staring at the tortilla chips for hours. . . Of course, you can't buy liquor, and there's no one at the counters, but it's all worth it to not have to wait in line to check out.

Saturday, May 5
Before everyone thinks I've given up blogging (and I know how that would upset so many. . .) I've just been busy.

I have some bad news, which has made me quite angry. On Friday, the West forensics team received the 'death penalty' from the WFCA. The team will not be allowed to participate in any sanctioned events next season, at all. I can't even come up with any wisecracks about, I'm just plain pissed. At issue is our practice of 'negative cheering and/or chanting' follwing victories at tournaments. This act, which consists of the team members holding hands for some moments of silence, followed by the traditional West theater chant "1, 2, 3 we did a job" has been in place for 27 years and followed every meet, no matter how the team placed, and has preceded theater performances (only with "lets do a job") over the same period.

I can't find anything wrong with that, it's not even very loud. Of course, a read of the WFCA rules indicates no rules about cheering, team spirit or celebrations. No, someone, somewhere has an axe to grind with our team and apparently no one has the sense to stand up and say that this was a witch hunt for Tom Lynch. Of course, this isn't over as far as we're concerned, of course. The Oshkosh School District administration is taking what actions they can, and I will start a letter-writing campaign to try to bring some pressure on the WFCA to retract their decision. If it comes to that, I will post e-mail addresses at which you, my faithful readership could express your displeasure about their decision to the executive members of the WFCA. . . all three or four of you.

I have other things I'd like to post, but I have a sort of one-track mind right now, so I'll post again later.

Tuesday, May 1
Before someone reads Zebby's page and wonders about his reference to me, please peruse this classic (and endlessly hilarious) Penny Arcade from a while back. Coupled with my not-so secret last name should alleviate any fears about my sexual preferences that may have crossed your mind, you sick, sick fuck.

Another friend of mine has gotten into the bloggin' madness. He put a link up for me on his blog, so I shall reciprocate. If you want to read the ravings of Little Zebby, do so. It's new so he hasn't posted much besides some links, but I'm sure he'll get into it.

Nothing else new, played too much CS, drank too much soda, stayed up too late, etc. I obviously don't have enough normal things to do, I guess.